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Trendy Men’s Hairstyles And The Best Haircuts For 2019

Looking for the best men’s hairstyles that is both PRACTICAL & TRENDY?

Get inspired by our different types of amazing fashionable hairstyles and the trendiest men haircuts for men in 2019! – Alpha Male.

BeTheEelegant Has spotted for you the best men’s hairstyle of the year that will fit you, we are going to cover a variety of hair types such as :

  • Short-hairstyles
  • Medium-length hairstyles
  • Long hairstyles for men
  • Hairstyles for curly hair
  • Textured hair
  • Hairstyles for wavy medium length hair
  • Straight hair
  • Normal hair
  • Thin hair
  • Thick hair
  • Modern hairstyles
  • Classic reborn haircuts
  • etc…

So we are going to provide you with plenty of awesome options that you can use whether you have a full beard or mustache or even without facial hair. You will be also provided with hair trends pictures to expound the ideas.

I think that as good architecture enhances a city, a good haircut enhances the definition and expression of a face.

Vidal Sassoon

Upgrade your lifestyle with these fashion guide, let’s do it, gentlemen!


Unkempt men's hairstyle
Hairstyles for men

The masculine messy haircut for a ruffled effect is between short and medium, but you can never get a good result with very long hair. To get a ruffled and carefree haircut, you will have to make it shorter on the sides, while at the top of your head you will have to comb your longest hair with your fingers.

This one is considered as men’s summer fashion trends 2019.

You can try to climb a few strands with wax and show a relaxed haircut for men this year! For your information, girls love this type of men’s hairstyle.

Curly On Top

Mens hairstyles
Mens hairstyles

The curls will not prevent you from having a man’s haircut with a false effect. To do this, you have to cut the sides, you decide so much or a little.

The upper part leaves your natural curls as if you were wearing a hairpiece or you can shape your curls by marking them more.

The curly and short-hairstyle is perhaps one of the best in terms of hairstyle trends 2019, very modern and young.

If your curls are not very marked, you can use different products that will help you to get a rebellious but cautious effect. This is one of the most difficult to maintain, so getting an ideal look can take time, but when you do, you’ll be great.

Speaking of the products you can check some of them here: Best Pomades + Hair Products For Men

Pompadour Disconnected + Line + faded To Blank

Pompadour men's hairstyle with a soft line

The disconnected Pompadour is a pretty technical haircut to create and maintain but results are really fascinating, you can see it in this picture.

A line has been added on the side and the white fading is also noticeable and perfectly executed, the whole is a real slaughter. This one is the newest men haircut style for 2019. Try it.

Slick Side-Parting

Side parting with a line and facial hair
Mens haircuts

The side-parting is the ultra-detail; simple to achieve but still trendy, which gives elegance to all hairstyles, this men’s hairstyle allows to re-balance the face.

This year, the haircut with a band on the side will continue to be fashionable. There are many celebrities who have it. So, take this hair and you will be stylish and up to date.

You will get a superior look with the stripe on the right side and the hairstyle, although you can try the side that suits you best. This one really fits the thin hair.

It’s up to you to decide! Which side fits you, just ensure that it’s very marked. This haircut privileging almost all faces, it is a very versatile hairstyle, because it adapts well to straight or curly hair and, at the same time, combines with almost all styles and all occasions of fashion.

Remember to look for good and professional barbershop to make it right.

Crew Haircuts

Crew Men's hairstyle with a soft beard
Haircuts for men

In the world of fashion, this haircut is one of the most fashionable right now and a lot of people take it as the best men’s haircut style. Many actors and models joined this court. It’s about leaving the top with very short hair or something longer with tufts that can be combed on one side or anywhere you want with a wax fixative or gel.

The areas of the sides will be those with the shortest hairs but always with a gradient that will go from the top where the hairs will be a little longer until the part near the ears where the area will be almost shaved.


Hipster hair with beard
Cool hairstyles

Many media have claimed that David Beckham increased his attractiveness when he began to be seen with a hipster haircut.

The hipster style is fashionable, so with a hipster hairstyle, you’re sure to get there. This type of cut for men is characterized by its volume in the middle and on the short sides.

You can comb it upside down or on the side, you will get a very interesting and elegant style!

Being trendy is a way of life, among the many possibilities that could fit into this style, we highlight two trends in the famous fashionable cut, which means a lower level of hair on the sides even shaved.

The one who combs all the hair upside down, almost like a hairpiece but flatter, and the one who combs all the hair upside down, without forgetting a populated beard as a compliment!

Here is a video that you can watch how those men haircuts look like from other dimensions:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQaA5bTFfn8[/embedyt]

Curly undercut

Curly undercut short sides
Men hairstyles Curly Undercut

If your curly hair, you can also give them style with a good cut. If you have wavy hair, it may be harder to get the right look, but we offer the best cuts for curly hair: you can have them short and voluminous or a little longer and leave them natural.

This haircut is very fashionable, and do not worry because you can wear it in the specific case of having curls. If your hair is curly but you want an undercut, do not limit yourself. In fact, this haircut is becoming a trend and it is very likely that you will start seeing it much later in the street. If, for this, you need a good mane.

This style is essential to wear the sides and back much shorter than the center, so you can enjoy the natural volume provided by your curls to have an “undercut” that has a modern style or you can comb the hair center on one side so that the “undercuts” will be much more pronounced,

With your curly hair not needed to comb a lot, take them on one side and leave the natural ones. to take care of it, you can use any type of moisturizing shampoos and leave it in moisturizing conditioners.

With this haircut, It’s better to shave the facial hair in aim to get a perfect style. you can check the 20 Expert Shaving Tips For Men so you can have ideas about shaving techniques and the suitable products that you can employ.

Long Mane

Long mane brown hair
Male hairstyles

If your mane or your long hair is there, proud of it, because it’s also fashionable and it gives a look of a sexy man, so let your hair grow.

You will be able to decide if you want a medium length style or long men’s haircut, in addition, before a good mane opens up a range of opportunities of casting as you like, even something different for every opportunity, always choose something with a lot of styles and sure you do not miss. as you can see in the picture above, the beard is necessary to give you an attractive look.

Short Sides Long Front

Short Size long front hairstyle
Male hairstyles

To perform this kind of male hairstyles you have to let the front of the bangs grow a little longer than the rest. For example, you can leave more length on the left side or on the right side which, when attached to a longer front, will make combing a few tufts on that side pretty much hiding the entrances.

Let the hair of the temples also push something more, coupled with a little wax for example to fix these tufts, you will get a modern and natural hairstyle, get that the entrances are hidden.

Long Hair Picked Up

Haircut styles for men
Haircut styles for men

It is a professional long male hairstyle, you may think that having an up-tie with your long hair will be something to elaborate as we usually see between female hairstyles, but the truth is that you can give a casual and rebellious look to your hair. With a tail not very elaborate, releasing some tufts.

Once you start combing your hair like this, you’ll “catch the turn” and you’ll see how you comb your hair in just a few minutes by saving time. And if you want to wear a ponytail, it is better to bet on a ponytail that is not too high and not too tight.

A carefree type of hairstyle that will also look great for the trendy model mentioned above, and of course, for long hair.

Long Hipster

men's hairstyle with Long Hipster
Cool hairstyles for men

Long Hipster considered as the hottest men’s haircuts 2019 according to the fashion style it makes you a handsome guy and cool dude. This time, you will also have to leave your hair long, as the name suggests. You can have it smooth, wavy or curly, everything is beautiful! Even if you want to scale it to get more volume, you can too.

Of course, you will have to accompany this haircut with a very rich beard. No doubt a very interesting look that will not go unnoticed. with this kind of guys hairstyles, you will get the perfect long hairstyle for men, especially who is older than 30 years old.

The Curly Fringe

Man with a curly fringe
Guys hairstyles

Fringe is a simple but effective way to radically transform a hairstyle. You have to think about the right length of hair, after that, you’ll be able to show off your elegant hair again.

Do you know that men’s haircuts short sides give a nice appearance, most gents parting their hair to the side or pushing up to the sky.

We suggest you comb it forward with a pat on the side and it becomes perfect without having facial hair.

If you have thick hair use thick hair shampoos and conditioners and pomade or wax will be perfect.

Remember, short and thick hair will look artificial when styled excessively.

Pompadour + Full Beard + Moustache

Pompadour with beard and moustache
Haircut styles for men

Here we have an incredible Pompadour without gradient, coupled with a full beard and a mustache. An ideal hairstyle for men who want to get an elegant and modern look while retaining the simple mustache. according to the statistic, many people comment and admit that this is the best men’s hairstyle for 2019.

NB: Visit this article if you want to know the  3 products you need to maintain your mustache, according to the experts

Long Clearance

Long clearance men's style

This cut for men consists of having short sides, but this time the central part will be longer than normal, giving a long hair effect.

It’s a very versatile haircut that can adapt to both straight and curly hair and you can take it back, with a good hairpiece or as usual worn on the side.

To have this look a little relaxed, it is also advisable to let the hair dry in the open air and not to brush them.

The look will be perfect with a beard.

Man Bun + Line + Medium Gradient [The trendiest men’s hairstyle this year]

Stylish Man bun best men's hairstyle

The man bun is becoming less popular with the years but still remains an incredibly stylish medium short hairstyle.

Be sure that you’ll make a good impression with it. In this example, the line adds a lot of style to the set and the full beard gives an extremely manly side to the wearer, a hairstyle at the top. this one considers as the trendiest men’s hairstyle in 2019.

Spiky Haircut

Spiky men's hairstyle for young guys

This type of short men’s hairstyle consists of wearing pointed hair upward with a wick on the side. You can keep it with wax and casting gels, you will get a rebellious effect!

Ideal for men with short hair is a style that shapes the hair using gel, wax and even hair dryer or iron to carry everything up.

It would be the pointed mane, as it is traditionally called.

The fact of not treating some hair locks gives a more rebellious and carefree effect, and there are even those who take the opportunity to form a ridge with the strands that they lift and point.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut and buzz with a line

Maybe the English name “buzz” does not tell you anything, but if we say too short or almost shaved, you probably know what kind of haircut it is for men.

If you do not like to spend a lot of time on your hairstyle, here is your look. It is a shave off the whole head that leaves little hair highlighting the features of the man.

Do you think your hair is almost shaved? Then choose the “buzz” cut. It gives a look both modern and retro-inspired.

Buzz is a haircut that has burst with force and there are already many who have joined this fashion style. Hot Male.

Caesar With Natural Wavy Hair

Caesar men's hairstyle in wavy hair

If you have naturally wavy hair, this is the suitable men’s hairstyle for you. On this Caesar cut, the hair is shaved on the sides and the hair is styled at the top.

You get a very good result as can be seen in this picture.

Melted And Faded Men’s Hairstyle

Faded hair

This is a men’s hairstyle with degraded hair on the sides of the head. That is to say that in the upper part we keep a lot of hair and in the sides, we reduce them gradually.

With this hairstyle for men, the jump from one part to the other is disguised, leaving a melted effect. The fact that the length of the hair is gradually reduced gives it a touch of discretion.

In addition, if your face is square, you will be delighted. you will be elegant.

Messy Quiff + Top Faded + Disconnected Beard

Messy Quiff Barbershop

On this haircut, you have a stylish look that seems to be a good style for men who like a little rebel style and want to highlight their beards.

Your hair and beard complement each other to fit your style perfectly. It’s going to be great for men fashion style.

Short Textured Hair

Textured hair

This kind of men’s hairstyle involves making layers of different levels in the area where there is less volume of hair by making them blend symmetrically with the area that has more amount.

This cut is indicated for those who, having a lot of hair on the sides and the back of the head, have little hair in front, on the forehead.

Pimpant English Hairstyle

Man with Pimpant English hairstyle

This men’s hairstyle was born in 1940 when the English people used the word to define people who maintained a neat and elegant style.

The growing popularity of this style is due to the fact that it conveys an elegant and seductive image showing you as an attractive person. With a touch of distinction and sensuality.

People are normally searching for the best men’s hairstyles for 2019 which are modern, but this simple haircut it will definitely make you elegant.

There are countless different versions of this cut to choose from and update with your own style.

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BeTheElegant – The trendiest men’s hairstyles and the best haircuts for 2019

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Trendy Men’s Hairstyles And The Best Haircuts For 2019

Looking for the best men's hairstyles that is both PRACTICAL & TRENDY?