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What Are The Best Streetwear outfits and Brands to Buy?

Best streetwear outfits

What is a streetwear style?

Streetwear style and Streetwear outfits are wearable art that conveys self-expression to the public. It has managed to grow beyond fashion & style and recently has become something more.

Generally, this style is a casual clothing and road fashion dress established in Californian surf and skate culture. 

“Streetwear categories experienced standout growth in the year 2017, driven by casualization of workplace attire and younger buyers of luxury goods.”


It was originally revealed in 1980 by Los Angeles surfers, skateboarders, and hip hop audiences.

The reason for this style became so popular is to seem contrary but elegant.

What are Streetwear official pieces?

The main Streetwear official pieces contain:

  • Streetwear hoodies
  • Streetwear pants
  • Streetwear shirts
  • Streetwear jacket
  • Streetwear sneakers
  • Streetwear hats
  • Streetwear accessories

Different platforms commit to offering different things. But Sneakers are the most centralized and collectible type of this style.

Are Streetwear brands expensive?

In fact, streetwear isn’t designed to look expensive compared with other styles. You just have to find the right one with the highest quality as well as affordability.

For an elegant streetwear combination, it can be made for $60. But if you want to be entirely luxurious, you may have to spend $1800 or even more.

What are the best streetwear brands?

Here I promise that I’ve done my best to maintain journalistic integrity and objectivity throughout this list.

The most notable and best streetwear brands regarding the quality and the budget are the following:

Let’s tackle these ones by one.

#1 Supreme

Supreme is the definition of the Streetwear outfits and in many ways is the force that continues to bless the urban style and streetwear outfits world and carry it into the next generation.

Supreme Streetwear’s Insane Success:

  • Over 12.3M Instagram followers.
  • Their products resell at over 1200% of their retail price.
  • Founder, James Jebbia, the net worth of over 40M dollars.
Supreme Streetwear Success
Supreme Streetwear Success from Sumo.com

By the way, supreme shoes and streetwear hoodies are the most selling products in this brand.

Are there any other brands like supreme? Yes but most the people buy from supreme for reasons.

#2 Stüssy

Officially established California in 1984 by the founder Shawn Stüssy. 

This brand has primarily been adopted by the streetwear and hip hop fashion scenes still emblazoned with Shawn Stussy’s iconic signature. Now it’s one of the most famous streetwear brands of all time,

#3 Kith

Kith is a multifunctional lifestyle brand for men, women, and kids. Besides, Kith is both a much-hyped streetwear label and a store.

Kith drop schedule and timely collaborations with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Coca-Cola, & more have cemented Ronnie Fieg’s streetwear legacy.

#4 Off-White

Off-White known as a luxury fashion label founded by the American creative designer Virgil Abloh. The Off-white company was incorporated in Milan, Italy in 2012.

Off-white has a lot of collaborations, but few have sparked as many conversations as the ones with Nike and IKEA, The founder created a new streetwear project called Pyrex Vision that would set the groundwork for Off-White.

#5 Noah NYC

Noah is an American-based retailer of men’s clothing and outfits, founded by Brendon Babenzien

As an American-influenced streetwear brand., Noah seeks to take a stand against many of the appalling practices of the fashion industry.

The uncompromising pursuit of quality, integrity, and originality.

#6 Undefeated

Undefeated or UNDFTD is now one of the most recognized streetwear brands in the world.

Specializes in classic streetwear outfits pieces such as caps, t-shirts, sweats and it’s the premium sneaker and streetwear boutique. 

They have also collaborated with numerous streetwear brands such as Champion, Bape, and Patta.

Founded by James Bond and Eddie Cruz

#7 Nike

Obviously, the most popular brand. When you are ready to upgrade your streetwear style with the world’s most prominent sportswear style, then you have to choose Nike streetwear brand.


A Bathing Ape situated in the heart of Tokyo – Japan. 

Recently became one of the leading fashion hubs of the world, it has remained a symbol of street fashion for 23 years and It continues to expand its business worldwide through.


London-based skateboard shop and clothing brand which is established specifically in 2009.  In 2019, Palace hits the first-class old age of 10. 

To celebrate one of British streetwear’s biggest success stories, Lev Tanju is the founder of the streetwear brand Palace, which is stamped in the UK; it regularly collaborates with Adidas and Reebok.

#10 Adidas

Adidas is always on the top list of sport and streetwear! It has successful collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Jeremy Scott, and Palace Skateboards. 

You can step up your streetwear style game with Adidas Originals clothing, shoes & accessories for men and women with high-quality material; personally, I always chose Adidas when I think about streetwear outfits.

Recap For Streetwear Outfits and brands

For sure there other brands that you can find in the market place that you may explore. I just put only highlighted brands that have nice reputation over the world according to the experiences.

The whole point is to combine very casual items.

If you are starter just don’t get stressed over all those brands, Just seek inspiration from a global perspective and ask your friends to help you. 

You can limit yourself first with a low budget until you find the style you are feeling yourself in it. Then you can go for a higher price and quality.

Here is a video presented  by the YouTuber Frugal Aesthetic provides some streetwear tips in How to Flex on a Budget


Please leave your opinion in the comment section below, or If you have questions in mind, make sure we can help you out.


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Pharrell collaboration with Adidas: https://www.adidas.com/us/pharrell

4 Easy Eye Makeup Tricks Make Your Eyes Bigger

Easy Eye Makeup Ideas

Only four eye makeup tricks mentioned here will help you make your eyes appear bigger and beautiful. Girls should learn these easy eye makeup techniques. These eye makeup techniques are so simple, quick and effective in making your eyes the most beautiful eyes.

Firstly, you must understand that they are different eye shapes as a role and as a starting point before thinking of applying any eye make-up.

Eye shape

Find out which type of shape you discover how to apply eye shadow and liner will help you better translate trends and techniques to fit your face.

eye shapes
Different eye shapes for women

Let’s get started with these easy eye makeup techniques:


cut crease and contour makeup
Cut crease and contour makeup

Crease and contour eye makeup suggestions create your eyes look bigger and more attractive.

The crease and shape procedure for eye makeup uses the effects of the light and the dark. The significant portions of this eyelids should have light eye shadow. Only a little dark color ought to be observed on the surface corners of your eyes.

  • Apply light-coloured, matte eye shadow fitting your complexion onto your upper eyelid. This matte shadow could be the primary eye shadow. The darker color ought to be employed to the crease and have to be blended well.
  • To find the crease, close your eyes and touch your eyelid to come across the deep hollow indent on the top portion of your eyelid. This hollow on the eyelid may be the crease. The dark color would be employed to define the crease.
  • A dark color should be applied to the crease when the eyes are all closed. Otherwise, the pruning in your crease won’t appear prominently.
  • Start lining your upper eyelid, very close to the lashline nearby the roots having a black eyeliner pen.
  • Smudge the outer one-third Portion of eye-liner pigment on the Top Lashline upwards.

If you feel like you get confused please try to read from the beginning before continue…

  • Next, use the black eye pencil line/colour the upper crease from the outer corner of top eyelid towards inner corner upward, only till finish away from your nose.
  • Smudge and blend this one-third span, top crease line employing an eyeshadow sponge applicator brush. Blend this crease line external and upward.
  • When appropriately blended, the dark, smudged, contoured and upper eyelid area might resemble a tiny.
  • Similarly, line the reduce lash line with the black eyeliner pen before halfway only and stopping away from the nose. Now, smudge the lower line with the sponge applicator downward and outward. Eyes will now appear wide open and more prominent in dimension.
  • The hint of modest black eye makeup will make the eyes look brighter. Correct smudging and blending are necessary for powerful contouring and creasing.
  • Adding thickness and dimension to the outer – your eyes would make them appear beautiful. This one is among the best and easy eye makeup suggestions.


Ombre eyeliner effect
Ombre eyeliner effect

Ombre Eyeliner is one of the best eye makeup ideas

  • You can use eyeliner pencils for the hottest ombre influence. Additionally, this is perhaps one of the most recent eyes makeup tricks.
  • For this particular gradient eyeliner effect, choose three eyeliner colours from the same color family: a light, a medium, and a dark color.
  • Line your lower or upper lashline employing these three eyeliner pencils.
  • Once you happen to be lining your upper lashline, use the light shade of eyeliner pencil to line only one-third length, beginning from the inner corner towards outer. Afterwards, hold on and stop.
  • Now, without any openings or gaps, carry on drawing the line with a medium color eyeliner.
  • Similarly, complete and continue drawing the end one-third line with the darkest shade of eyeliner pen and extend the wing a little outside and upward.
  • With a light eye brush, using a stroke, gently brush the three-shade horizontal line after blending. Ensure to not over-blend to form one color line. The gradient eyeliner effect ought to be noticeable.

Gradient Color Ideas for Choosing Eyeliner Pencils:

If you are using Colors from black color family ( black eye makeup ) you can select light grey, medium grey and soft black.

Blue color family, you can use icy blue (light), turquoise blue (medium), and darkest teal blue (dark).

ombre eyeliner


Dotted bottom eyeliner
Dotted bottom eyeliner

For even far more subtle and natural look, the dotted bottom eyeliner method can be used. This technique also helps your eyes appear broad and also wide. This trick involves the breaking up of your bottom eye-liner line.

Considering the shape and size of your eyes, you want to draw four to seven dots having a gentle eye pen, below your lower lash line. Avoid drawing dots very near the inner corners of your eyes. Yank on the dots lightly together with your eye pencil.

Get thick eyeliner and mascara to match the bottom eyeliner look.

Explore liner looks and learn the basics with video tutorials and tips for gel, liquid and pencil eyeliners: https://www.maybelline.com/eye-makeup/eyeliner


white eyeliner effect
white eyeliner

White Eyeliner could be used to make your eyes brighter and wide. This is one of the most renowned eyes makeup methods. You should hold your lower eyelid down with your finger, and then apply white eyeliner on the waterline, to line the inner rim of the eye shadow. Water lining the eyes white eyeliner makes them look big.

Next, draw out a Tiny interior contour with the whitened eyeliner, to your skin of this interior of both eyes near the nose or split duct region and smudge it with your finger to blend well. This highlighting eye makeup suggestion will brighten the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear larger.

white eyeliner

These methods of eye makeup ideas are some of the best to brighten your eyes and to make you change the way you and others look at you.

If you find this article useful please share these Easy Eye Makeup Ideas with other women 🙂

Meaningful Tattoos For Women You Need To See

Meaningful tattoos for women

Tattoos, once associated with sailors, gangs, and fishermen, have become the first choice of girls, boys, and grown men and women, who have a cool sense of fashion and an eye for aesthetics. Female tattoos, in particular, have come a long way, from the declaration of rebellion to make the woman wearing a fashion icon today.

It can be a tough decision on what to get as long as they are going to be on your body for the rest of your life, not something as “stick and poke tattoo”. As a result, the placement is additionally a significant part to consider.

To help you out, we have put together a great collection of meaningful tattoos for women and some tattoo designs, tips, and recommendations to assist you through the way.

¤ Let’s start with Tattoo case study first ¤

The most heavily tatted countries

Tattoo case study

According to the survey, 48 % of people in Italy have at least one tattoo, with 47 % in Sweden being similarly inked and 46% in the U.S.
At the bottom of the 18 countries surveyed was Israel with just 25 %, followed by Turkey with 30 %. Overall around 38 % of respondents in the 18 countries had at least one tattoo.

Tattoo by gender

tattoo women and men

As you can see in this graph, you can notice that tattooed women are more popular than tattooed men, who have at least one tattoo…

Select the Right Tattoo Artist

Best tattoo artist

Explore various tattoo artists before your publication in your tattoo as well as make sure that the artists you select can do the design that you desire. When you stroll right into the tattoo shop, you need to have the ability to scent the chemicals airborne. That is just how you recognize they’re tidy.

Listen to the Professionals

The tattoo professionals will certainly be able to inform you what’s going to be the most appropriate so you can have cool and meaningful tattoos. If you’re not entirely pleased with the style or positioning, consult with them first before any attempt.

Do not Stress over the pain

tattooed women

Depending on the placement and the dimension of the tattoo, it can be rather excruciating or rather pain-free. Obtaining a tattoo was your suggestion, after all, so chill out.

Do Tattoos Make You Extra Appealing?

Sexy tattoos

Will tattoos make you a lot more eye-catching? There is no actual response to this, though individuals have attempted to discover one as well as also made it the topic of researches.
But in a general perspective, tattoos make the women sexier and hotter.

Care For Your Tattoo

Make sure you adhere to the aftercare directions, or else, your tattoo can finish up fading, obtaining contaminated or the ink can start to drop out, leaving voids in your layout. Your tattooist will undoubtedly cover it for you later, which generally gets left on for an hour or so, after that, you can take it off and also clean your tattoo under cosy water. From there, essential treatment is merely using a lotion to the tattoo three times a day.

Products that we recommand :

Lubriderm Tattoo Daily Care Water-Based Lotion

Lubriderm Tattoo Daily Care

#1 recommended brand by tattoo artists for tattoo care, it features an unscented water-based formula that is ideal for skin once tattoos have healed

> Click and Order

Natural Tattoo Moisturizer Tattoo Lotion,

Ora’s Amazing Herbal

  • No lanolin, aloe, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, wheat, grain, gluten, dyes.
  • Continue to use as needed after tattoo has healed to help keep skin healthy and tattoo fresh, and for everyday scrapes bumps minor burns and bruises.

> Click and Order

Tattoo Bandage Roll Sticker

Tattoo Bandage Roll Sticker

  • EASY TO CUT : Tattoo bandage film has grid lines in the back paper, Easy to apply and cut to different sizes.The product is 3 layers. Lamination method is simple.
  • ENHANCED TATTOO HEALING : Wounds heal faster and better.The tattoo film aftercare can helps lock in the color and reduces scabbing when wash or moisturize your tattoo.

> Click and Order

Play it Safe With Tattoos

Before you start tattooing every inch of your skin, genuinely assume regarding the occupation course you mean to go down. The culter approves the tattoos a lot more currently than they utilized to be, there are still offices that have stringent regulations versus them even if they were traditional tattoos.


We are constructed of meters of skin, so the opportunities of where to obtain your tattoo are countless. Do you desire it to be on display or somewhere a lot more concealed? To make it a little bit less complicated, we have noted the primary areas where females often tend to obtain women tattoos.

Upper leg Tattoos

amazing upper leg tattoos

Upper leg tattoos are one more great one if you do not always desire them to be shown. They’re usually more prominent in dimension in this area, so if you’re aiming to obtain large tattoos, this is the best positioning. Upper leg tattoos are typically believed to be rather hot, to make sure that might be one more element regarding whether you wish to position it there, relying on your character.

Ankle Tattoos

ankle tattoos simple

modern tribal tattoos

ankle tattoos simple

Ankle tattoos can either be little as well as pretty or can conclude the leg. Whichever one you determine; you will have plenty of alternatives. Once again, this location is virtually always most likely to get on a display screen so ensure you take your time to choose something you enjoy.

Back Tattoo Ideas

full back tattoos

Back tattoos

Back tattoos for women

Cute back tattoo ideas

Many tattooed women tend to get one that rests either to the side, beneath their shoulder or down their spinal column. The back is a comfortable part to get a tattoo, so make sure you are taking on sufficient to manage it. you can go with lotus mandala tattoo for example or which is trendy until this time.

Rib Cage Tattoos

The ribs are a fantastic area to have a tattoo, and as the majority of the moment, it conceals continuously. It’s additionally a considerable location to deal with, so you can get a tattoo of any dimension as well as do not need to fret about people seeing it frequently. Remember though that this is an instead excruciating placement to obtain a tattoo that might be an element in the direction of just how large you wind up acquiring it.

Underboob Tattoo Designs

Underboob tattoo

Lovely Underboob tattoo

If you desire an underboob tattoo, you must better have the ability to endure discomfort and be patient with the pain, remember that its practical skin resting versus bone. This location can look genuinely beautiful with something straightforward resting there and also tends to be a preferred nation like American traditional tattoo or Japanese tattoo or you can go with religion or special shapes etc…

Sleeve Tattoo ideas for women

Sleeves are undoubtedly a place that you wish to place plenty of tattoo ideas on it. They cover over fairly a great deal of skin and also get on display roughly fifty percent. A sleeve looks typically ideal if you stick to one style as well as harmonize with all the tattoos with each other.

Hand Tattoos

hand tattoos For Women

Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos have ended up being large recently especially the ones those have love and peace signs. They are generally simply a synopsis as well as maintained truly basic.

Finger Tattoos

finger tattoos

finger tattoos women

finger tattoos ideas

Finger tattoos are certainly a lot more on the recognizable side. Fingers are excellent to henna tattoos just like Arabic, Indians, etc…, tiny words, or connected designs in between the fingers.

Meaningful tattoos on wrist

Wrist tattoos are a new flashy place, so make sure you get a style that indeed talks with you. You have a vast alternative of designs in this point, so you should not have any problem attempting ahead up with something.


Female Tattoo Ideas And Designs

You desire your tattoo to represent you. It needs to be an external depiction of your psyche. Whether it is loud or calm, choose something that you will check out in thirty years, as well as remember what it indicated to you. Let’s provide you with some cool tattoo ideas.

¤ Tattoos Gallery ¤

Meaningful Tattoos For Women Chapter 2

It’s better to choose something has meaning to you, like emotional pleasing, something has big value to you that can stick on the body for years and years, as long as you are going to have memorial and meaningful tattoos, they will always remind you with the best moments. And turn them back to you with the best feelings that you deserve.

Meaningful Tattoos For Women – Simple designs

heart moon sunshine tattoos

Special pet Tattoos

simple tattoo ideas

moon and sun tattoos

These tattoos are usually something like a heart, a moon, sunlight, or a fundamental overview of a rose cover up tattoo or pet (ex: dog memorial tattoos, small butterfly tattoos, etc..). They are an excellent selection if you have a hard choices option to find up with a layout. Generally, you can clarify to your artist what you desire as well as it will reveal you an alternative of something it might stencil up.

Flower Tattoo designs

Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos on arm

Will, flower tattoos are extremely preferred for females, particularly wildflowers or black rose tattoo. There are so numerous various kinds and a great collection of rose tattoo drawing to select from and make the girl more girly, so obtain one

small memorial tattoos

small tattoos for women

Who claimed that tattoos must to be big? As long as you locate an artist that concentrates on tiny designs, you can quickly obtain something instead comprehensive, in a much smaller sized, cuter. Small memorial tattoos are constantly an excellent concept if you desire a tattoo yet aren’t searching for something also vibrant as well as recognizable.
Small tattoos are typically maintained rather conventional as well as natural. They generally do not take greater than 10 to 20mins to have them, relying on the design. Only since it is tiny, that does not indicate you cannot make it so personal.

Cross Tattoo designs

Cute Tattoos For Girls

flower cross for women

flower cross tattoo designs

Cross tattoos can be as primary as two lines or more words in cursive, converging. If you wish to obtain even more imaginative than that though, you might include something twisted around it, such as a flower style. There are attractive options if you have a spiritual history as well as it offers you the alternative of linking two concepts right into one style.

Skull Tattoos and Head Tattoo designs

Head tattoos usually are rather in-depth as well as can take a pair of hours to obtain one of them. They tend to look a little bit womanly when embellished perfectly and also absolutely stand out versus your skin.

Meaningful tattoos for women In Special designs

special tattoo meanings

Depending upon the person, distinct tattoos can differ. A one-of-a-kind tattoo can be something personal or some fascinating style like coordinates tattoo. Whatever it is, this type of tattoo is most likely to be unique to you, might also be a discussion starter.

Cute Tattoo Designs | Cute Women Tattoos

cute tattoos ideas

cute tattoos for women

cute tattoos small Design

You may want to have cute tattoos as long as they make the body more feminism. There are a good number of cute designs that can impress you


Lettering Tattoos

Cursive design, tattoo lettering is terrific if you have a well-known quote that you like or a claiming that indeed reverberates with you. These tattoos generally look instead fragile, relying on the design of font style you desire to utilize.

Pin up girl tattoo ideas

Many girls prefer this kind of pin up tattoo designs.

Tribal tattoo ideas for women

ankle tattoos simple

native american tattoos

tribal tattoo designs

native american tattoos

modern tribal tattoos

You can go with native American tattoos for example. Depending on the country and history.

Female Warrior Tattoos

Lipstick tattoo ideas

lipstick tattoos

EXTRA Meaningful tattoos for women in couple version

Couple tattoos

Everyone in a relationship is dying to tell the world how much they love their partner. In the world of couples, there are many ways to share with others the love that the two parties feel for each other. Some of the most popular options are pair t-shirts, bracelets, couple necklaces, and couple charms. But what if both want something that will last forever? The answer is: a couple tattoo. The couple tattoos are adorable and they also very often have great significance. One of the most popular types of body art is the impression of two words connected to the couple’s hands. You can use your favorite phrase or a few words and tattoo them separately so that they do a whole thing when they are placed side by side.

Couple Tattoo

Amazing Couple Tattoos

Couple Tattoo Ideas

Sweet Couple Tattoos

Wonderful Couple Tattoo Designs

Couple Tattoos

To be a woman is to listen to your heart when you make her choice of the tattoo to be made. Trust your instinct. In addition, do not forget to always choose to have a tattoo done by a professional to ensure that everything goes well.

You CAN discover more images in pinterest – Our board WOMAN IN TATTOOS :

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Long Nails: How To Get Healthy Long Nails

Get Healthy Long Nails

The nail art fashion is seriously booming, and a lot of people have become very particular about long nail beauty these days. You never want to crack the skin and tattering cuticles reduce the result of your remarkable nail’s art. Stick to the subsequent nail and hand beauty recommendations to keep everything looking great and being happy with your elegant nails.

The essential thing you may have to consider to grow nails and treat them properly:

Use Milky Hand Wash For Long Nails

Milky Handwash good for long nails
Milky Hand wash

If your cleaner is too strong, so there are higher chances of drying your workout, and this is not acceptable. Stay away from soaps with unpleasant chemicals and then opt instead for services and products using 100%. natural antibacterial and antibacterial properties such as tea tree oil.

Do not dip your hands in icy or hot water

Icy or Hot water hurt nails
Ice cold water or Hot water hurt nails

Icy water causes aggravation from capillary vessels, and over hot water will dry out your own hands and this last isn’t good for your nails at all, avoiding icy or over hot water is a straightforward way of avoiding ugly appearing hands.

Spray Polish Useful For Long Nails

Spray Polish For Long Nails
Spray Polish Very Useful For Nails

Coat your nails with nail polish or nail wraps to both seal and protect against damage. In that condition, your nails are not able to grow and rejuvenate without disturbance. If you don’t want any severe layouts, reapply a clear and simple topcoat very on occasion. This is an extra because you will pick less if they can be wrapped polished or up.

 Nail Mask is Recommended 

Nail Mask
Nail’s Mask

Moisturizing nail wraps will also be useful for your palms and nails. Nail masks are sold in beauty stores, purchase you for this procedure. After slathering the mask with a plastic wrap and set a hot towel on top for 5 minutes. The heated mask will permeate for deep moisturization.

Read articles related to beauty tips: 5 Proven Natural Remedies To Banish Acne Scars

Lubricate Your Long Nails With Oils


Oils are super great for moisturizing and suitable for your palms so as your nails too. Your hand shredder must contain oils for moisturization.

Care for your cuticles properly

Care for your cuticles
Care for cuticles

Your manicure will look old and haggard when your cuticles are disturbed in all of your fingers. Cutting cuticles off makes your manicure look quite ugly and exposes your fingers into the disease. Every single time you exfoliate your palms, push off the hanging bits, and then leave everything else as is. Use an orange stick to push back your cuticles and make sure you keep them soft by applying cuticle oil frequently.

  • The coming article you will discover the best ways to remove cuticles

Moisturize After Getting Sanitize

Moisturize after having sanitize
Moisturize after getting sanitize

The bulk of alcohol can be a fast way to dehydrate your hands, moisturize is fine for hands. Sanitizers are good but contain a great deal of alcohol. After you have sanitized your hands, wait for that product to dry off then follow up with a moisturizer.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen For Long Nails
Sunscreen For Nails

Your face and palms may wrinkle and burn at the same pace. Applying only sunscreen may be drying. Add some moisturizer to keep everything cool. Whenever you keep your hands safe, they will stay appearing glowing and you will get elegant nails.

Anti-aging face cream works for Long nails

Anti aging face cream for elegant nails
Anti-aging face cream for elegant nails

Ant aging cream will help improve elasticity during manicures. Stop your hands in wrinkling up and give a massive impact on the long nail too. Apply some anti-aging cream on the back of your hands.

Be gentle with your hands

Be nice with your hands
Be gentle with your hands

Your nails are not an option for wedges, pliers, crutch they aren’t made of ceramic and so are susceptible to serious breakage and damage. Everything you can do with a tool should be off-limits. Take advantage of what is available and don’t worry your delicate nails.

5 Proven Natural Remedies To Banish Acne Scars

Acne Scars image

To have acne scars it is not very funny, especially if you have a good looking face. We have done many types of research in aim to get natural remedies to banish acne scars once and for all. You’re in the right place.

acne scarring

If acne can sometimes be severe, it leaves (all too often) face texture of its passage — the beast of all those who beat the pimples: the scars. Whether the acne burst into adolescence or adulthood, acne can leave permanent scars on the face for about 70% of those affected people.

The more severe the acne is, and the delay of treatment, the higher the risk of scarring.

Have you gone through the box “chemical treatments” to remove acne scars and spots? Well; there is a flurry of natural remedies to remove acne scars with ease and safety. And the proof by five with the explanations collected from recommendations of dermatologist doctors.

Get rid of acne, even better … Scars. It’s a bit of a dream for all (those who are concerned at least). And if you multiply skincare, fabric masks, creams and other techniques to erase redness, nothing like natural products to eradicate them permanently.

But before getting a new look, it is still necessary to adapt treatment according to its scars.

Hyperpigmentation Acne Scars

They form brown spots on the skin after poor healing of acne.

Banish Hyperpigmentation acne scars with vegetable and essential oils

This is not a scoop: vegetable and essential oils are repairing, healing, regenerative, and even antioxidant. For what?

“Perfect for residual marks and acne scars of all kinds, they will come to form a kind of protective bandage. Be sure that they will help prevent dehydration of the affected area while mitigating the task”

Told by a dermatologist.

Vegetable oil Rosehip refines skin texture, slows the appearance of wrinkles while giving a glow to the complexion. And it is not the only one to adopt urgently. Nigella vegetable oils and jojoba oil are particularly useful on acne-prone skin.

On the side of essential oils, lemon besides celery will also be a precious help thanks to their properties of regulation of the pigmentation.

Goodbye scars, brown spots, redness, and other imperfections. What more? Pure or mixed with other vegetable oils, applied locally or on the whole face, day or night … everything is allowed. The perfect recipe? Two drops of essential oil in ten drops of vegetable oil.

Here is a list of Rosehip oil that you can choose, Both of them are good. It just depends of the quality of the product according to the price.

Get rid of acne with lemon

Lemon for acne scars

A secret ingredient in Kendall Jenner’s unstoppable anti-acne recipe, it has a lot of virtues.

If we use it at the beginning of the spring for its detoxifying actions, it is also recommended for the treatment of ancient acne pigment scars that refuse to getaway.

Just before heading to bed, apply cotton soaked in lemon juice brands and rinse after fifteen minutes. Gross, its peeling effect is ideal for stubborn tasks.

“Be careful; the lemon is relatively astringent and caustic, especially for sensitive skin. It should be used with caution in cases of extreme emergency and only in winter. Combined with exposure to the sun, this remedy can have the opposite effect ».

Caution! it could accentuate the tasks and even promote the obstruction of the pores. Be careful not to use it all the time under the pretext that a tiny button is pointing the tip of the nose at the end.

Redness Of Acne Scars

More standard and easy to fight, they leave a trace in the form of a color spot just after the disappearance of the pimples.

Easy to eliminate, but it is still recommended not to wait to treat them.

And sometimes, the best remedies are at the bottom of your closet. Because, as our grandmothers would say, the more natural it is, the better. So, how do you make them disappear?

Remove Redness of acne scars with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera for acne scars

Our best ally. Known for its soothing and healing properties, it also has incredible regenerative action. Ideal for fighting acne scars.

You can use it immediately when a pimple is hard to heal, you give it a little post-redness boost.

The best recipe:

Take a teaspoon of pure Aloe Vera gel (more or less depending on the number of marks to be treated), and apply on the desired place by massaging. Repeat three times a day to prevent the red marks from turning brown over time.

“In case of extended or marked redness, it is recommended to use a thick layer and leave on for several hours,” says the dermatologist.

And since we do not skip any step, we rinse with lukewarm or cold water to tighten the pores.

Banish red acne scars with honey

Honey for acne scars

Healing, repairing, softening, antibacterial, etc… The honey is the essential product to have under the elbow in case of a glitch.

For the application, nothing more simple. In case of acute lesions, brush the splash with a thick layer, leave for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly, and voila!

The only requirement: “It must be liquid for ease of use, but also of good quality. Of course, the pot must be (almost) new to benefit from all the virtues of the product.

Combined with egg yolk with honey will be your best ally if you have oily skin. There is more to apply the potion locally (Magic has been told).

NB: Manuka honey from New Zealand or Australia is a great one.

Atrophic Acne Scars Or Hypertrophic Scars

They form a relief or a hollow on the face; most often on the cheeks and cheekbones.

Very difficult to treat, they are sometimes indelible. The ideal? Products based on Centella Asiatica, a plant with regenerating powers.

“It is still recommended to make an appointment as quickly as possible with a specialist because it is challenging to get rid of with simple remedies. But how to avoid them?

Avoid Atrophic Or Hypertrophic Scars With A Good Nutrition And Quality Foods

High quality food good for Hypertrophic Scars

We cannot say it enough: nutrition is the cornerstone of your body’s functioning, and therefore, by definition, influences the skin. But there is no universal rule.

Better to adapt your diet. And no question of sticking to conventional wisdom.

If drinking green tea (draining and detoxifying action) and favoring vegetables (increases the vitamin C intake for the radiance of the skin), they are two tips strongly recommended. Do not remove the good fat so far.

Stuffed with vitamin A (promotes hydration) and E (antioxidant action), they can even be beneficial for the skin.

“We stay away from industrial products and, if possible, dairy products.”

The golden rule: eat in balance and reasonably (and your skin will thank you).

to let you know, we do not test all the remedies at the same time to have more results.

“We must be careful not to attack the skin with these grandmothers’ remedies, and bind them with a treatment prescribed by a dermatologist. It’s prohibited … under pain of seeing increased irritation.”

Declared dermatologist doctors.

Another recommendation: do not opt for these natural products in summer (especially essential and vegetable oils, photosensitizing for the majority). Yes, the sun would only aggravate the situation. Patience. “Almost four weeks are needed to treat all layers of the epidermis.”

Before all things, having an impeccable beauty routine will give you (necessarily) a boost to get a new look. Tremble scars 🙂

Now you got the healthier way to banish acne scars from your face with no danger and faster.

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How To Be Classy In 7 Simple Steps – Style Of Man

The Style Of Man how to improve man style

A lot of men asking how to dress classy and get the right style of man? Here are some practical and straightforward tips to improve your style quality.

With Be The Elegant only in seven simple steps will get the work done!
Elegant man with sunglasses
Elegant man with brown sunglasses and shoes and gray pant
Stylish man with gray suit
Stylish man with a gray suit and dark brown scarf

We all wonder how we get dressed when we get up in the morning. And it’s not always so simple that we think we find pleasure, even in the closet full of the universe.

We must find clothes that match the mood of the day and then succeed to grant them stable. And that’s where it goes wrong! We will help you a little, follow the guide!

1 – Play With Colors

Attractive man with red outfit
Attractive man with red color dark blue pant and a light beard
Man with yellow shirt with patterns
Man with a yellow shirt contains patterns, brown belt and gray pant with patterns
young man with spotlighted shirt
A young man with a spotlighted yellow shirt skinny jeans and yellow sneakers

Abuse navy, gray, brown, and beige! These are the primary masculine colors that go with everything! You will thus be able to allow you a smarter piece like red, for example. And one last tip: stop wearing black always.

let’s begin with the most complicated and the most subjective of the precepts to respect! We all agree that dressing exclusively in black, white is not the best. I think we are in agreement when it comes to finding a dress that lacks balance, but it is much more complicated to deal with what we have in our closet.

Even if it is still a matter of taste

There are still some golden rules that can guide you at the beginning, the time to be able to free yourself to fly on your own. As for the choice of colors, we must first refer to the color of your skin and your hair.

Having clear skin and a bright face will often mean avoiding too dark colors that would contrast too much with your face, the eclipse in passing.

black man with a high-quality suit and a lovely shirt
White skin man with a nice suit
Black man with a blue suit and brown bag
Dark and light skin colors with amazing clothes

On the other hand, if you have dark skin and dark hair, too light colors would have the same effect. Then, it is vital to work on colors that can make a balance. Either because they are close (navy blue and light blue), or because they are opposite but can match (navy blue and beige).

For a basic style of man, these compositions are essential, because they make it possible not to finish in monochrome itinerant. It appears only the same color on the whole of our outfit.

What else?

It is also interesting to vary the materials, between leather, jeans, cotton, linen, or jersey. They will support your color choices by adding texture to your outfit.

To conclude, I will talk about color reminders, this little detail that will show who knows how to see the time and the application you have dedicated to your outfit! A brown belt will make it easier to integrate brown shoes to your outfit just like a tie color.

Finally, enjoy yourself, and if the colors you wear are similar to you, you follow these rules, and you go thoroughly, everything will be fine!

2 – Choose Clothes That Fit Your Size!

Suitable outfits for a skinny guy
Clothes that fit the body shape
Suit that fits the body shape

Choose clothes that follow the lines of your body and for pity, do not put those jeans too wide that makes a falling ass.

It seems to be the basis of everything for a simple style of man, and yet it is far from always the case! Many are seen in the streets with pants in the middle of their buttocks, even not on purpose.

Be careful to choose your size and the cut according to your morphology. That’s what a classy man does.

Body Shape is an excellent factor for every classy man!

Too wide, too tight, too big or legs too short, we quickly missed the purchase of pants by inattention, and it’s not great! Especially when we see the price of some badly worn pants! This observation applies, of course, to all the clothes and the pants are no exception. Indeed, being a little wrapped does not help to wear clothes close to the body, but wearing too large will never hide your shape but will tend to do the opposite! It is necessary to find the right fit and especially to be at ease in his clothes, and it is one of the keys to well-being.

Style with black biker leather jacket
Man with Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket that fits the body
Style with black biker leather jacket
Old man with a leather jacket

Regarding the jackets now, and more particularly the suit jackets, it is more than ever relevant to talk about the size! Yes, at one time, long and slightly wide coats could be tolerated, it would be considered a taste fault today!

A jacket must be adjusted while leaving a specific range of motion to the wearer, this flexibility that we all need to not look like a penguin. Then, the length of the jacket itself is crucial and must choose according to the tastes of each.

As for the sleeves, they must reveal the shirt, especially if you wear cufflinks. And it is bad taste to have the wrists and half of the hands covered as can be seen on many poorly made jackets. It is relevant because it avoids the puffy side that can be with a poorly suit. And it’s all these little details that make you have the class or look like a redneck who put his suit of Sunday!

As for the other clothes, we understand that a pair of shoes too big don’t a beautiful look and that tiny cap that would be set on the head, it is not attractive. Finally, it is understood for most people anyway!

3 – Choose Quality Material!

  • Clothes In high material quality
  • Affordable Man's Fashion style brand of quality
  • Affordable Men's Fashion
  • man with a breathable shirt

Reading labels is extremely important when shopping. Avoid acrylic, polyester, and orient yourself towards natural materials like cotton.

Privileging natural materials seems obvious today, but it is not for everyone. Without saying this passes before the aesthetic aspect of the outfit.

I would say it counts almost because it goes there at the same time as our comfort, our well-being, and the durability of the chosen clothes. Some materials are much more comfortable to wear than others, and there is nothing to do between a 100% cotton T-shirt and a half-polyester T-shirt. Cotton will necessarily be softer and more comfortable to wear.

  • Comfortable t-shirt
  • T-shirt with breathable material
  • High-quality outfits for summer and spring

Natural materials

Natural materials are always more breathable than synthetic, and it changes a lot of things, in summer and winter. Already it is much hotter, which is still essential depending on the season. You will need fewer clothes to be well, and you will necessarily be more comfortable besides avoiding the risk of colds of all kinds.

Then the breathable side will allow your sweat not to accumulate in the clothes but to escape naturally through the fabric. It’s still better than wearing T-shirts that let us sweat without letting anything pass! This breathable side finally allows the body to refresh in case of hot weather and that’s great!

Figure out How You Can Be Attractive Man In Summer

Discover other clothing tips for man.

Less risk of feeling the transept in sum! In terms of the durability of the clothes, natural materials such as cotton or jersey are more resistant to wear, the effect of time and odors. Sometimes, when you buy a synthetic t-shirt, the fabric becomes impregnated after a while of the smell of sweat, and we cannot get it back! You can finally wear your favorite clothes to the end without a problem!

To conclude, the artistic side, we see the difference, and it is perhaps the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by changing a few materials of clothing. Remove the eternal jean that fills your closet, which they look almost identical models. Why not opt ​​for some chino jeans with original colors and hyper-resistant material and pretty to wear?

4 – Do Not Try To Be Another! Be Special to be an elegant man

  • Attractive Guy with nice looking
  • Man with a strong personality
  • Confident man with a good look
  • Man with a strong personality
  • Handsome guy with strong character

Your look should match your character and your lifestyle. Do not try to be too chic or to be another style of man that isn’t you; you would not be comfortable.

Choosing clothes that look like us is an essential fashion tip. Even if you don’t necessarily notice, your attitude and your approach change clearly when you put on different outfits.

Try to put on a tuxedo to someone who spends his whole year in a tracksuit, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. His way of wearing, walking with and sitting will make you say whether or not he is used to this kind of outfit.

Besides, by wearing clothes that don’t look like us, that do not stick to our style or our way of being, we give an image of us distorted that comes back to our own eyes.

So it’s better to be yourself and to find the look that best suits your skin, the type of clothing that makes you feel like fresh,

An extension of us that reflects both our personality and our idea of what is elegant.

It is a real therapy for those who want to play well, and it can even help people who do not accept themselves physically,

Helping them to feel attractive, to take themselves and therefore to please others! Trust is the nerve of war in the level of seduction!

5 – Contextualize!

  • Good looking young man
  • Handsome stylish man
  • Very stylish on is own way

You understand that the combo shorts and sneakers are not appropriate for an interview. In the same way, it is also a mistake to do too much. For every occasion, you have to find the right style of man.

Of course, it is indispensable to consider the context when choosing your outfit. Depending on whether you’re going to a casual evening, a drink with friends or a party in the city in the hope of meeting charming girls, you will not dress the same approach. The casual evening requires that one puts oneself at the level of the dress-code of the guests. Difficult to get an idea before setting foot, but the habit makes it easier to realize things.

It’s necessary to be level but not too much to do so.

Wearing a suit inside a party where everyone wears a casual chic look may show that you expect a lot from that event in terms of meetings. Being too elegant or high classy man has never been suitable for business or human contact! On the other hand, not doing enough would return the image of someone else.

There is a kind of style of man who wants to stand out but does not do it the right way.

People around you will unconsciously less crave to come to talk to you, marginalizing you and getting you to feel uncomfortable without really knowing why.

Whether in this context or solely for an aperitif in the city, making the difference means doing things differently. A look is working according to the image you want to send back from you.

Brown shoes, a beige chino and a dark blue jacket could, for example, bring some amusement to your style. A kind of natural elegance that, even when dressing casually, seems innate to you.

6 – Try Out New Outfits And Have Fun!

  • Man enjoying summer clothes
  • Tying new outfits

Men’s fashion must not be a suffering issue. You must instead take matters in hand and have fun!

you will improve your style, and you will enjoy shopping and dressing when you take the matter with joy.

To be comfortable in the outfits the same as everything else, you must know the way to evolve into the style of man with intelligent.

And for that, what better than to try out new outfits, to confront new fashions and go where you never dared to go before? This kind of stylistic exploration is necessary when you start to get tired of your appearance, and that will allow you to break your codes!

For that, no need to go very far! A little tour in a shop to spot some pieces that you could match, that shirt that you never dared to try, that chino too colorful for you.

looking into the wardrobe

Trust me; you might surprise yourself!

Someone who likes to dress properly and who likes to have a choice in his wardrobe can be seen at first glance. That kind of person who will have style even when he’s out in pajamas, who will be well dressed also to get his bread, not because he has crazy clothes, but simply because he takes the time to choose them and grant them. No need to wear Burberry, Chanel or be a fashion victim to have class!

All in the outfit, it is to take pleasure to dress and to choose your own clothes. some becomes addicted to shopping when others would do great while enjoying having clothes that look like them. Whether one goes there reluctantly or for love of the stores, it is necessary to put in it if one wants to have fun when wearing all the beautiful pieces that one has chosen! So be motivated as ever! The road is long, dotted with pitfalls and hidden traps! If you need to support our blog: “Be The Elegant” for men’s fashion section is here to come to your rescue! Be yourself!

7 – Take Care Of Your Body Shape

  • Fitness helps clothing
  • Man with a Sexy body
  • Man do exercises
  • Handsome man with a nice body

Fitness is an important fashion tip to mention for a style of man!

First and foremost rules to follow all year round if you want to change your appearance. Playing sports is one of the best ways to eliminate many disturbing things and to have others. At first, this will allow you to maintain or change your appearance if necessary and according to your lifestyle.

To resemble what one would like to be physically. it is sometimes the first step to become the man that one dreams of becoming on the right plan.

Handsome Young Man With Sexy Fit Body
Handsome Young Man With Sexy Fit Body

For a classy man, it’s essential to get started if you feel it’s part of your future lifestyle. Finally, I would say that playing sports makes you feel more comfortable in your body… and your daily life.

Carving the body, we dream of will allow us in the future to assume more and not to be limited in its movements. Elegance and charisma also go through the gesture and it’s something to remember! If you want to know more, you can follow helpful tips by performing the first steps to the gym. Useful tutorials and good ideas to get started from the expert, easy to follow! Visit the link by clicking here.

If you think that those style of man tips are helpful, please it with other people.


How To Be An Attractive Man In Casual Summer Outfits

Attractive man in summer

Wondering how to look better in casual summer outfits? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

It’s not easy to dress well when it’s hot. My friend Jonathan who lives in Australia often tells me, “You in Paris, with the weather, you can easily get dressed and have good looking for the summer”. Yeah, He is right! Since it’s a lot less hot, you can enjoy the summer outfits and you can easily wear men’s summer blazer or jacket, a big knit sweater, a thick coat or a well-cut suit. We can even do layering clothes and huge diversity for the guy outfits.

Of course the hotter it is, the harder to be elegant, but it’s not impossible. You’ve probably had to ask yourself many times how to style in the summer, and most importantly, how to dress well when it’s hot.

The answer to these questions lies in some simple and effective details that must never be forgotten to be the elegant man for fashion style in summer with ease of men’s dressing tips and men outfit ideas.

Trendy Summer Clothes For Men

How to be an attractive man in the summer?


To learn how to dress well in the summer, here’s a quick summary which contains fashion tips for male outfits:

  • Wear light materials.
  • Opt for breathable fabrics.
  • Wear Bermuda shorts and colored short.
  • Pay attention to the color of your clothes.
  • Pay attention to the form of your clothes.
  • Choose summer accessories.
  • Choosing the right summer shoes.
  • Create a nice men’s haircuts which fits the look
  • Extra: Finish it with some small tattoo designs such as Hawaiian tattoos or sailor tattoos.


First, you will have to choose air pieces! It’s out of the question to wear a knitted wool jumper, a fully structured jacket or a thick cotton twill shirt.

We must choose the lightest materials possible. For shirts, polos shirts and t-shirts even for mens vest jacket, that means fine and fluid fabrics.


For that, you have to touch and compare with a winter fabric. A summer fabric is a fabric that slides in the hand like sand! These materials are often a little more fragile and wrinkle faster, but it is essential to wear light clothes in summer.

Starting in mens summer fashion :



Summer Pants
Trendy Summer Pants For Men

For pants, Selvedge jeans or Chino pants with thick canvas. It is easy to find men’s pants made of lighter fabrics, which keep a good hold anyway. They usually arrive in stores in the spring.

You will find light summer chinos or even thinner canvas than usual. These casual outfits give the impression of being less resistant than those clothes of winter – which is generally true because the fabric is thinner – but we have no choice, you must dress well even when it is too hot!



Unstructured jacket for men
Unstructured Summer Jackets

For blazer outfits, it’s the same thing. It goes without saying that you will not spend the summer wearing a flannel jacket. It is necessary to choose a model of the unstructured summer jacket, that is to say without shoulders, not lining in the back, and with a minimum of a structure at the level of the chest.

You will find models of this type at brands like Eclectic, It’s a French brand and the specialist in the field in summer outfit ideas. Also at Italian brands such as Bagnoli clothes, Incotex, Lardini, or Boggi who are also specialists in the men dress style, but less technical in materials. Italians are very good at having men wear style in summer. But French brands are also excellent in the field with Jkeydge, Daniel Cremieux or Cadot.

An Incotex linen jacket, perfect for summer and cool for dating.


Summer jackets
Best Summer Jacket Material

Concerning blazer outfits, you will not find better than the brand Eclectic. it is an expert in the field of jackets in technical fabrics, ultra-light and breathable. Just try their ultra-Light jacket – which weighs a little more than the weight of a shirt – to see how impressive the result is.

You will feel like you are not wearing anything. In addition, it is so good for casual party outfits.

To achieve this, the brand has diverted technical materials from the field of automobiles, sports or the army, to create jackets that resemble a classic elegant jacket. It uses for example Cordura, which is a derivative of nylon, so super resistant and very light.

Otherwise, other brands offer for example unstructured jackets hopsack fabric perfect for dressing during hot weather. The “hopsack” is a woven fabric with a structure that allows for a sturdy fabric, but still very airy.

This is a type of men’s summer blazer that you will often find in brands like Boglioli or Suit Supply.

To finish on the good materials of summer clothing, the seersucker is known to be the fabric of summer suits and Riviera looks.

You can try I admit that it is a more difficult fabric to wear, but when it is well mastered, it is a success for sure.


Clothes with breathable material
Men Wearing Breathable Material Clothes

A breathable material it is the one that allows the heat of your body to pass to the outside. Because the clothes are here to protect us from the outside, but when it’s hot that means that it does not allow the body to naturally regulate its internal temperature at 37 ° C.

If your clothes retain the heat that your body is trying to evacuate, you will feel stifling and sweat like never before! So here, it comes the smart casual dress code for summer outfits.

On the contrary, breathable material will promote the contact between the outside air and your skin, and let the heat of your body easily escape.


For the tops, ie: t-shirts, shirts or polos, you certainly know the excellent properties of linen, which is a breathable material perfect for summer. You can also find summer shirts and summer t-shirts in ultra-light and breathable materials.


We find for example at Uniqlo, which is the specialist in this field, with technical and innovative materials. For summer polos, they call it “dry” models.

It’s a blend of cotton and polyester that does not look like synthetic fabric at all.

I’ve been wearing it for years, and it’s really effective. This material is perfect for those who sweat a lot in summer. The brand’s extra-fine cotton shirts are also excellent for summer wear.


Summer shorts for men
Trendy Summer Shorts For Men – BERMUDA SHORTS

If you’re one of those who are wondering how to wear shorts or Bermuda shorts in summer, while staying stylish, you do not know Nick Wooster! It is the specialist in the field.

To wear shorts for men, you must respect 3 rules:

  1. Make a hem to Bermuda shorts or shorts: as on pants, this is a detail that I particularly like. It gives a casual chic, and it shows that you pay attention to all the details.
  2. Choose a well-cut model. Yes, even for shorts you have to pay attention to the cut! I prefer the models of shorts slim, but not skinny, who marries the thigh without ever molding. It’s chic and above all it allows your body to breathe.
  3. Never go over the knee. Out of the question to wear a “cropped” or shorts too long. For your stockings, it’s either a pair of pants that go all the way down or shorts that go up above the knee. However, be careful not to take too short and too tight!!



Breathable Clothes With Nice Shapes

When we talk about Summer Outfits or summer clothes, it is traditionally the moment to wear colors. To dress well in the summer, we must remember one thing: the dark colors retain the heat. So try to avoid the black dress in the summer.

However, you are going to wonder why are the Tuaregs dressed in dark clothes while living in the desert! Let me explain to you. Light…

In fact, the clothing worn by the Tuaregs – called a Takaka – maybe indigo or black for example, but the color does not matter. The secret in this garment is the fact that the Tuaregs wear it very wide. The shape here is more important than the color!

Thanks to this, a current of air passes permanently around the person who carries it and makes it possible to refresh it. It is finally the shape and this small air flow is important in this garment.


Light Color Clothes
Light Colors In Casual Shirts

But as you are not going to wear a Takaka every day, I recommend wearing light colors in summer. These colors limit the heat retention that comes from the sun’s rays. So it’s time to pull out your white pants and your white summer shirts or sky blue! For short sleeves also keep it light. Keep it breezy.

You have understood, the style is as important as the color in summer outfits for men, and do not hesitate to favor a style a little wider, especially if it is an outfit to go on vacation.  Summer!


The accessory is the nerve of war. First, we must first protect ourselves from the sun, and then fill the lack of clothes we wear. One can find in the accessory the lack of elegance that some deplore in the summer outfits.



Men With Stylish Panama Hat

For the head, a light men’s summer hat is a great solution. Panama is the perfect hat for the summer season.

It is not for nothing that we see him screwed on all heads at “Roland Garros” when it hits hard on the central court (and I am not talking about the backhand Nadal!). Pay close attention to the Panama model that you buy, check the provenance.

The coming article we will give you the best advice on how to choose a Panama for black men fashion. Stay tuned.


Baseball cap
Stylish Baseball Cap In Summer

A baseball cap is also an effective headgear for the summer and it’s really stylish. The visor of the cap effectively protects from the sun. It’s a little less comfortable than Panama, but it’s not the same style! Most off the celebrities who go out for dating use the baseball cap. Be one of them.


Summer Scarves
Men Wearing Stylish Scarves In Summer

If the sun hits hard, I recommend you cover well to avoid sunstroke and sunburn. This is the case for example in the neck, which is a very fragile area where you can be quickly burned without realizing it. To fight against this, you can wear a scarf cotton voile or linen, which will protect you, while limiting the conservation of heat.

is better to have a light fabric that protects from the sun and keeps a little heat, rather than having a skin area exposed directly to the sun’s rays, where you will surely burn!

Don’t worry about the model, they are really good styles of scarf out there in the stores that you can check.


Men's Summer Sunglasses
Men Wearing Stylish Summer Sunglasses

Finally, a pair of sunglasses is essential to protect your eyes and heal your dress style. Feel free to choose the pair you like, but be careful to opt for quality glasses, which really protect from the sun, not only design!

You can add a lot of accessories to make you look stunning like luxury watch brands, wood bracelets, light neckless, etc…


The rest of the time, the best men’s summer shoes are canvas shoes and Loafers shoes.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas Shoes For Men
Best Summer Canvas Shoes For Men

For canvas shoes, you can look at Converse, Springcourt, Victoria or Faguo for example. Opt for a low model to wear without socks. You can also wear sneakers, it’s very elegant in the summer with rather short pants and slim.

Loafers Shoes

Canvas & Loafers
Men Wearing Canvas Shoes & Loafers shoes

For Loafers shoes you have the opportunity to take any model, the important thing is to wear them without socks!



It is also necessary to take care of your hair to complete the sentence, summer outfits include other stuff. Remember that the hair goes with the clothes. In addition, your beard if you have one, and remember that it is an important thing you can do is maintaining a healthy beard.

I recommend you to check the last and trendiest men’s haircuts in the article below and choose a nice one for you :

Trendy Men’s Hairstyles And The Best Haircuts For 2019

Men’s Hairstyles For Summer
Trendy Men’s Hairstyles And Haircuts For Summer

For more images, you can visit Pinterest men’s summer outfits.

You are ready to attack the summer safely. If doubt remains I answer all the questions in the comments, do not hesitate.

If you think this article is beneficial and useful for others please share it! and receive more women’s clothing ideas for you to be elegant.

I wish you an excellent summer, in all elegance!

How To Look Hot With The Boyfriend Jeans Like Kim Kardashian

Hot Boyfriend jeans Like Kim Kardashian

Looking for a bit of inspiration to wear your trendy jeans and you still hesitate to give in to the sirens of the boyfriend jeans! – OK, Problem solved.

Yet wearing ripped boyfriend jeans without adopting the mustache is possible and With The Proof.

It was believed already dumped but it is no now become one of the favorite fashion industry insiders. you can see that Kim Kardashian becomes more popular since she uses this type of jeans.

@Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Jeans

So we will explain how to choose the timeless BF jeans according to your morphology and what to wear with jeans and how to bring it to perfection. with the secret guide to Boyfriend Jeans for different women’s sizes.

But wait for a second!!

Glutes Are The Powerhouse Of Your Body

To get the perfect shape for your jeans, you should start first with your body to make it hotter.

As an extra gift for you, you can get an excellent training and the best exercise to develop a rounder, stronger butt, you will unlock the sleeping giant within for greater shape, power, and long term health, you can get it by Clicking Here.

We save you time with our selection of tips and photos of the most beautiful boyfriend jeans outfits. Who knows, you might find one that will perfectly reflect your personal style.

Boyfriend jeans for women

We agree, wearing BF jeans while remaining “girl” is not the easiest-easy fashion challenge in women’s clothing and styles. Generally, it is a model of jeans that is left rather to the construction dudes and the men of the woods.
Just the name itself should put you in the ear: The boyfriend jeans.

The fashion style collections were inspired by the men’s cloakroom (you know women are nothing but hearty) but fashion is so well done and make it a style for women.

Let’s start with a small definition first:

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

What is Boyfriend jeans

As you know girls, had nothing to wear especially when it comes to trendy jeans. they went to see the neighbor if they could not scratch one or two pieces. That’s how in 2008, they took the boyfriend jeans, also used to be called Boyfit. Jeans with straight and sample cut, so we have two main types of jeans:

Simple bf pants or ripped jeans and there are a lot of popular brands you can check for example boyfriend jeans H&M this one is popular or Hollister Boyfriend jeans and so on…

Since then, it has become one of the essential fashion to have imperatively in the dressing room. A good alternative to slim jeans or flared jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans, For Whom?

Those who believe that BF jeans are reserved for tall and slender girls are sticking their fingers in the eye.
The high rise boyfriend jeans are suitable for all body types of women, precisely. Just choose them and make the right associations.

These fashionable pants are one of those basics that all women should have in their wardrobe. But don’t go too far with an expensive price because they are a lot of amazing cheap boyfriend jeans right there with a huge variety of jean sizes but make sure that you are dressing for your body type. Take it simple.

How To Choose hot Boyfriend Jeans?

“femalefashionadvice” for you

Even limited people will love it. Because the boyfriend jeans make you forget the curves. Here, no jeans for the rounds: all equal to it.
With these trendy jeans, forms are not really forms. And a woman without buttocks, for a guy, it does not make sense.

High waist or small size, ample or maxi ample, you will have the choice to drown yourself in a model of jeans a little loose or, on the contrary, to refine you in a model a little more “fit”.
Bleached, faded, clear, raw, torn, aged or vintage, all that is mostly a story of style. It’s up to you to choose according to your tastes. Be elegant.

Can Small Women Dare BF Jeans?

The major problem of small women when looking for clothes, the body is sometimes drowned.
This does not mean they have to turn their way to BF jeans! Especially who are skinny, there a lot and hot boyfriend jeans for skinny legs available for them. Just choose a strand closer to the body to flatter the silhouette. Play with proportions by opting for a loose but not enveloping top to harmonize the silhouette.

To gain inches and lengthen your legs: roll down and put on shoes with heels.
Wendy’s looks from Wendyslookbook.com and Julie from Sincerelyjules.com proves that even small women can be boyfriend jeans.

small women dare boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans For Small Women Who Have Shapes

There are still a few seasons, the general rule was that the BF jeans are reserved for women tall and filiform because of its wide cut. What?!?!? We shout at the aberration!
The boyfriend jean also suits those that have leg shapes! Simply choose the cut that flatters the most silhouette and ensures a few details.

Boyfriend jeans of small women who have shapes

Additional Boyfriend jean tips:

You are small and you find your legs a bit strong?
Cuff your boyfriend jeans to reveal your ankles and visually lengthen your legs. To gain a few inches, bet on pumps, sandals with heels or wedge sneakers. Not only will you look taller, but your silhouette will look slimmer.

For an optical illusion effect, opt for pumps or nude sandals whose tone will blend with your complexion. Long leg effect assured!
To enhance your figure, slip your shirt, tee-shirt or blouse into your pants. You can even tie a knot in front of your top for a retro effect.
If tucking your top in your jeans do not tempt you too much, be careful not to choose too long, otherwise, it could break the proportions and pack you down.

Here is a video will teach you 7 ways to CUFF YOUR JEANS
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC2hOCsTIa4[/embedyt]

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans Plus Size

You find yourself too round for boyfriend jeans?

Here are some examples for plus size women spotted on Pinterest will prove you can perfectly have shapes, everything is available for you just be stylish!

Boyfriend Jeans Plus Size

The ideal jean’s style for women who have shapes

Looking for jeans that will highlight your legs that you find a bit strong? Stop the quest, the boyfriend pants are perfect for you as it visually refines the legs.
The effect is all the more obvious if you choose it in a dark hue. Like small women, roll down to lengthen your legs even more.

The mistake you shouldn’t commit! Avoid light-colored boyfriend jeans and faded models that are unflattering for your figure. Pants with holes are also to be avoided because, through the cuts, we have a direct view of the legs … thus making them a little bigger than they really are.

How to wear Boyfriend jeans?

In principle, those kinds of jeans are worn in summer.
But the bravest ones will also wear it in winter with a nice pair of thick socks combined with open sandals like Swedish Hasbeens.
Always rolled up at the ankle, whatever the style, the exercise is always the same: either play the card of masculinity thoroughly or feminize its silhouette with fashion accessories ultra-feminine.

If you want to know how should jeans fit your body, I’m providing you with a great guide from this website: lee.com

The boyfriend jeans classic version

The boyfriend jeans classic

If you opt for the classic version, it’s not that hard. A t-shirt, a nice pair of sandals with heels or not and voila.
These loose leg pants are a partner of choice for your simple and trendy looks with best jeans and a marvelous style for women.

How to Wear boyfriend jeans for work?

Who said you could not wear hot boyfriend jeans to go to work?

The boyfriend jeans Work

Two schools: the masculine or the feminine. The men can adopt an androgynous style: a shirt, jeans and a pair of trendy shoes: moccasins or derbies with a nice men’s hairstyle.
In the feminine style, the heels are obligatory so try to wear boyfriend jeans and heels associated with a slightly open shirt, And here is your boyfriend jean has been feminized.

The Boyfriend Jeans in Sportswear version

The boyfriend jeans Sportswear

Who says “Sportswear” says “sneakers”.

One will not go without the other if you want to adopt this style. On the other hand, you can feminize your silhouette and wear the cropped-top with. 100% winning combination.

The rock version

The boyfriend jeans rock

Rock version, the boyfriend jeans are necessarily torn. they are more punk, more destroy. It is worn with leather, a transparent blouse, and trendy boots. considered in concert outfits.
Here is a shopping website that you can use to check the clothes that we have mentioned above: How to wear boyfriend jeans

The BF jeans with a street version

While the heels will lengthen and feminize the silhouette but wearing boyfriend jeans with sneakers or trendy barefoot, it can give a really cool silhouette.

The boyfriend jeans street version

For a casual street style, opt for the sweater or loose sleeveless t-shirt. Do not forget to play with fashion accessories. The accumulation of jewelry.

You can find nice fashion ideas and accessories related to BF jeans from this site: Style Boyfriend Jeans

Extra Tips for you :

– If you have a fine size, prefer a light-colored piece.
– If you have curves, go for a darker one.

– Are you small? Choose a high-rise that will redefine your figure and will also be appropriate, if you want to hide some curves at the buttocks and hips.
– If you are filiform, do not opt for a model too loose so as not to float in it.

Now that you’ve read everything, you know YES, you can wear boyfriend jeans without the mustache – We told you-.

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Trendy Men’s Hairstyles And The Best Haircuts For 2019

BEST MEN'S haircuts and the Trendiest hairstyles for 2019

Looking for the best men’s hairstyles that is both PRACTICAL & TRENDY?

Get inspired by our different types of amazing fashionable hairstyles and the trendiest men haircuts for men in 2019! – Alpha Male.

BeTheEelegant Has spotted for you the best men’s hairstyle of the year that will fit you, we are going to cover a variety of hair types such as :

  • Short-hairstyles
  • Medium-length hairstyles
  • Long hairstyles for men
  • Hairstyles for curly hair
  • Textured hair
  • Hairstyles for wavy medium length hair
  • Straight hair
  • Normal hair
  • Thin hair
  • Thick hair
  • Modern hairstyles
  • Classic reborn haircuts
  • etc…

So we are going to provide you with plenty of awesome options that you can use whether you have a full beard or mustache or even without facial hair. You will be also provided with hair trends pictures to expound the ideas.

I think that as good architecture enhances a city, a good haircut enhances the definition and expression of a face.

Vidal Sassoon

Upgrade your lifestyle with these fashion guide, let’s do it, gentlemen!


Unkempt men's hairstyle
Hairstyles for men

The masculine messy haircut for a ruffled effect is between short and medium, but you can never get a good result with very long hair. To get a ruffled and carefree haircut, you will have to make it shorter on the sides, while at the top of your head you will have to comb your longest hair with your fingers.

This one is considered as men’s summer fashion trends 2019.

You can try to climb a few strands with wax and show a relaxed haircut for men this year! For your information, girls love this type of men’s hairstyle.

Curly On Top

Mens hairstyles
Mens hairstyles

The curls will not prevent you from having a man’s haircut with a false effect. To do this, you have to cut the sides, you decide so much or a little.

The upper part leaves your natural curls as if you were wearing a hairpiece or you can shape your curls by marking them more.

The curly and short-hairstyle is perhaps one of the best in terms of hairstyle trends 2019, very modern and young.

If your curls are not very marked, you can use different products that will help you to get a rebellious but cautious effect. This is one of the most difficult to maintain, so getting an ideal look can take time, but when you do, you’ll be great.

Speaking of the products you can check some of them here: Best Pomades + Hair Products For Men

Pompadour Disconnected + Line + faded To Blank

Pompadour men's hairstyle with a soft line

The disconnected Pompadour is a pretty technical haircut to create and maintain but results are really fascinating, you can see it in this picture.

A line has been added on the side and the white fading is also noticeable and perfectly executed, the whole is a real slaughter. This one is the newest men haircut style for 2019. Try it.

Slick Side-Parting

Side parting with a line and facial hair
Mens haircuts

The side-parting is the ultra-detail; simple to achieve but still trendy, which gives elegance to all hairstyles, this men’s hairstyle allows to re-balance the face.

This year, the haircut with a band on the side will continue to be fashionable. There are many celebrities who have it. So, take this hair and you will be stylish and up to date.

You will get a superior look with the stripe on the right side and the hairstyle, although you can try the side that suits you best. This one really fits the thin hair.

It’s up to you to decide! Which side fits you, just ensure that it’s very marked. This haircut privileging almost all faces, it is a very versatile hairstyle, because it adapts well to straight or curly hair and, at the same time, combines with almost all styles and all occasions of fashion.

Remember to look for good and professional barbershop to make it right.

Crew Haircuts

Crew Men's hairstyle with a soft beard
Haircuts for men

In the world of fashion, this haircut is one of the most fashionable right now and a lot of people take it as the best men’s haircut style. Many actors and models joined this court. It’s about leaving the top with very short hair or something longer with tufts that can be combed on one side or anywhere you want with a wax fixative or gel.

The areas of the sides will be those with the shortest hairs but always with a gradient that will go from the top where the hairs will be a little longer until the part near the ears where the area will be almost shaved.


Hipster hair with beard
Cool hairstyles

Many media have claimed that David Beckham increased his attractiveness when he began to be seen with a hipster haircut.

The hipster style is fashionable, so with a hipster hairstyle, you’re sure to get there. This type of cut for men is characterized by its volume in the middle and on the short sides.

You can comb it upside down or on the side, you will get a very interesting and elegant style!

Being trendy is a way of life, among the many possibilities that could fit into this style, we highlight two trends in the famous fashionable cut, which means a lower level of hair on the sides even shaved.

The one who combs all the hair upside down, almost like a hairpiece but flatter, and the one who combs all the hair upside down, without forgetting a populated beard as a compliment!

Here is a video that you can watch how those men haircuts look like from other dimensions:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQaA5bTFfn8[/embedyt]

Curly undercut

Curly undercut short sides
Men hairstyles Curly Undercut

If your curly hair, you can also give them style with a good cut. If you have wavy hair, it may be harder to get the right look, but we offer the best cuts for curly hair: you can have them short and voluminous or a little longer and leave them natural.

This haircut is very fashionable, and do not worry because you can wear it in the specific case of having curls. If your hair is curly but you want an undercut, do not limit yourself. In fact, this haircut is becoming a trend and it is very likely that you will start seeing it much later in the street. If, for this, you need a good mane.

This style is essential to wear the sides and back much shorter than the center, so you can enjoy the natural volume provided by your curls to have an “undercut” that has a modern style or you can comb the hair center on one side so that the “undercuts” will be much more pronounced,

With your curly hair not needed to comb a lot, take them on one side and leave the natural ones. to take care of it, you can use any type of moisturizing shampoos and leave it in moisturizing conditioners.

With this haircut, It’s better to shave the facial hair in aim to get a perfect style. you can check the 20 Expert Shaving Tips For Men so you can have ideas about shaving techniques and the suitable products that you can employ.

Long Mane

Long mane brown hair
Male hairstyles

If your mane or your long hair is there, proud of it, because it’s also fashionable and it gives a look of a sexy man, so let your hair grow.

You will be able to decide if you want a medium length style or long men’s haircut, in addition, before a good mane opens up a range of opportunities of casting as you like, even something different for every opportunity, always choose something with a lot of styles and sure you do not miss. as you can see in the picture above, the beard is necessary to give you an attractive look.

Short Sides Long Front

Short Size long front hairstyle
Male hairstyles

To perform this kind of male hairstyles you have to let the front of the bangs grow a little longer than the rest. For example, you can leave more length on the left side or on the right side which, when attached to a longer front, will make combing a few tufts on that side pretty much hiding the entrances.

Let the hair of the temples also push something more, coupled with a little wax for example to fix these tufts, you will get a modern and natural hairstyle, get that the entrances are hidden.

Long Hair Picked Up

Haircut styles for men
Haircut styles for men

It is a professional long male hairstyle, you may think that having an up-tie with your long hair will be something to elaborate as we usually see between female hairstyles, but the truth is that you can give a casual and rebellious look to your hair. With a tail not very elaborate, releasing some tufts.

Once you start combing your hair like this, you’ll “catch the turn” and you’ll see how you comb your hair in just a few minutes by saving time. And if you want to wear a ponytail, it is better to bet on a ponytail that is not too high and not too tight.

A carefree type of hairstyle that will also look great for the trendy model mentioned above, and of course, for long hair.

Long Hipster

men's hairstyle with Long Hipster
Cool hairstyles for men

Long Hipster considered as the hottest men’s haircuts 2019 according to the fashion style it makes you a handsome guy and cool dude. This time, you will also have to leave your hair long, as the name suggests. You can have it smooth, wavy or curly, everything is beautiful! Even if you want to scale it to get more volume, you can too.

Of course, you will have to accompany this haircut with a very rich beard. No doubt a very interesting look that will not go unnoticed. with this kind of guys hairstyles, you will get the perfect long hairstyle for men, especially who is older than 30 years old.

The Curly Fringe

Man with a curly fringe
Guys hairstyles

Fringe is a simple but effective way to radically transform a hairstyle. You have to think about the right length of hair, after that, you’ll be able to show off your elegant hair again.

Do you know that men’s haircuts short sides give a nice appearance, most gents parting their hair to the side or pushing up to the sky.

We suggest you comb it forward with a pat on the side and it becomes perfect without having facial hair.

If you have thick hair use thick hair shampoos and conditioners and pomade or wax will be perfect.

Remember, short and thick hair will look artificial when styled excessively.

Pompadour + Full Beard + Moustache

Pompadour with beard and moustache
Haircut styles for men

Here we have an incredible Pompadour without gradient, coupled with a full beard and a mustache. An ideal hairstyle for men who want to get an elegant and modern look while retaining the simple mustache. according to the statistic, many people comment and admit that this is the best men’s hairstyle for 2019.

NB: Visit this article if you want to know the  3 products you need to maintain your mustache, according to the experts

Long Clearance

Long clearance men's style

This cut for men consists of having short sides, but this time the central part will be longer than normal, giving a long hair effect.

It’s a very versatile haircut that can adapt to both straight and curly hair and you can take it back, with a good hairpiece or as usual worn on the side.

To have this look a little relaxed, it is also advisable to let the hair dry in the open air and not to brush them.

The look will be perfect with a beard.

Man Bun + Line + Medium Gradient [The trendiest men’s hairstyle this year]

Stylish Man bun best men's hairstyle

The man bun is becoming less popular with the years but still remains an incredibly stylish medium short hairstyle.

Be sure that you’ll make a good impression with it. In this example, the line adds a lot of style to the set and the full beard gives an extremely manly side to the wearer, a hairstyle at the top. this one considers as the trendiest men’s hairstyle in 2019.

Spiky Haircut

Spiky men's hairstyle for young guys

This type of short men’s hairstyle consists of wearing pointed hair upward with a wick on the side. You can keep it with wax and casting gels, you will get a rebellious effect!

Ideal for men with short hair is a style that shapes the hair using gel, wax and even hair dryer or iron to carry everything up.

It would be the pointed mane, as it is traditionally called.

The fact of not treating some hair locks gives a more rebellious and carefree effect, and there are even those who take the opportunity to form a ridge with the strands that they lift and point.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut and buzz with a line

Maybe the English name “buzz” does not tell you anything, but if we say too short or almost shaved, you probably know what kind of haircut it is for men.

If you do not like to spend a lot of time on your hairstyle, here is your look. It is a shave off the whole head that leaves little hair highlighting the features of the man.

Do you think your hair is almost shaved? Then choose the “buzz” cut. It gives a look both modern and retro-inspired.

Buzz is a haircut that has burst with force and there are already many who have joined this fashion style. Hot Male.

Caesar With Natural Wavy Hair

Caesar men's hairstyle in wavy hair

If you have naturally wavy hair, this is the suitable men’s hairstyle for you. On this Caesar cut, the hair is shaved on the sides and the hair is styled at the top.

You get a very good result as can be seen in this picture.

Melted And Faded Men’s Hairstyle

Faded hair

This is a men’s hairstyle with degraded hair on the sides of the head. That is to say that in the upper part we keep a lot of hair and in the sides, we reduce them gradually.

With this hairstyle for men, the jump from one part to the other is disguised, leaving a melted effect. The fact that the length of the hair is gradually reduced gives it a touch of discretion.

In addition, if your face is square, you will be delighted. you will be elegant.

Messy Quiff + Top Faded + Disconnected Beard

Messy Quiff Barbershop

On this haircut, you have a stylish look that seems to be a good style for men who like a little rebel style and want to highlight their beards.

Your hair and beard complement each other to fit your style perfectly. It’s going to be great for men fashion style.

Short Textured Hair

Textured hair

This kind of men’s hairstyle involves making layers of different levels in the area where there is less volume of hair by making them blend symmetrically with the area that has more amount.

This cut is indicated for those who, having a lot of hair on the sides and the back of the head, have little hair in front, on the forehead.

Pimpant English Hairstyle

Man with Pimpant English hairstyle

This men’s hairstyle was born in 1940 when the English people used the word to define people who maintained a neat and elegant style.

The growing popularity of this style is due to the fact that it conveys an elegant and seductive image showing you as an attractive person. With a touch of distinction and sensuality.

People are normally searching for the best men’s hairstyles for 2019 which are modern, but this simple haircut it will definitely make you elegant.

There are countless different versions of this cut to choose from and update with your own style.

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BeTheElegant – The trendiest men’s hairstyles and the best haircuts for 2019

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