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4 Easy Eye Makeup Tricks Make Your Eyes Bigger

Only four eye makeup tricks mentioned here will help you make your eyes appear bigger and beautiful. Girls should learn these easy eye makeup techniques. These eye makeup techniques are so simple, quick and effective in making your eyes the most beautiful eyes.

Firstly, you must understand that they are different eye shapes as a role and as a starting point before thinking of applying any eye make-up.

Eye shape

Find out which type of shape you discover how to apply eye shadow and liner will help you better translate trends and techniques to fit your face.

eye shapes
Different eye shapes for women

Let’s get started with these easy eye makeup techniques:


cut crease and contour makeup
Cut crease and contour makeup

Crease and contour eye makeup suggestions create your eyes look bigger and more attractive.

The crease and shape procedure for eye makeup uses the effects of the light and the dark. The significant portions of this eyelids should have light eye shadow. Only a little dark color ought to be observed on the surface corners of your eyes.

  • Apply light-coloured, matte eye shadow fitting your complexion onto your upper eyelid. This matte shadow could be the primary eye shadow. The darker color ought to be employed to the crease and have to be blended well.
  • To find the crease, close your eyes and touch your eyelid to come across the deep hollow indent on the top portion of your eyelid. This hollow on the eyelid may be the crease. The dark color would be employed to define the crease.
  • A dark color should be applied to the crease when the eyes are all closed. Otherwise, the pruning in your crease won’t appear prominently.
  • Start lining your upper eyelid, very close to the lashline nearby the roots having a black eyeliner pen.
  • Smudge the outer one-third Portion of eye-liner pigment on the Top Lashline upwards.

If you feel like you get confused please try to read from the beginning before continue…

  • Next, use the black eye pencil line/colour the upper crease from the outer corner of top eyelid towards inner corner upward, only till finish away from your nose.
  • Smudge and blend this one-third span, top crease line employing an eyeshadow sponge applicator brush. Blend this crease line external and upward.
  • When appropriately blended, the dark, smudged, contoured and upper eyelid area might resemble a tiny.
  • Similarly, line the reduce lash line with the black eyeliner pen before halfway only and stopping away from the nose. Now, smudge the lower line with the sponge applicator downward and outward. Eyes will now appear wide open and more prominent in dimension.
  • The hint of modest black eye makeup will make the eyes look brighter. Correct smudging and blending are necessary for powerful contouring and creasing.
  • Adding thickness and dimension to the outer – your eyes would make them appear beautiful. This one is among the best and easy eye makeup suggestions.


Ombre eyeliner effect
Ombre eyeliner effect

Ombre Eyeliner is one of the best eye makeup ideas

  • You can use eyeliner pencils for the hottest ombre influence. Additionally, this is perhaps one of the most recent eyes makeup tricks.
  • For this particular gradient eyeliner effect, choose three eyeliner colours from the same color family: a light, a medium, and a dark color.
  • Line your lower or upper lashline employing these three eyeliner pencils.
  • Once you happen to be lining your upper lashline, use the light shade of eyeliner pencil to line only one-third length, beginning from the inner corner towards outer. Afterwards, hold on and stop.
  • Now, without any openings or gaps, carry on drawing the line with a medium color eyeliner.
  • Similarly, complete and continue drawing the end one-third line with the darkest shade of eyeliner pen and extend the wing a little outside and upward.
  • With a light eye brush, using a stroke, gently brush the three-shade horizontal line after blending. Ensure to not over-blend to form one color line. The gradient eyeliner effect ought to be noticeable.

Gradient Color Ideas for Choosing Eyeliner Pencils:

If you are using Colors from black color family ( black eye makeup ) you can select light grey, medium grey and soft black.

Blue color family, you can use icy blue (light), turquoise blue (medium), and darkest teal blue (dark).

ombre eyeliner


Dotted bottom eyeliner
Dotted bottom eyeliner

For even far more subtle and natural look, the dotted bottom eyeliner method can be used. This technique also helps your eyes appear broad and also wide. This trick involves the breaking up of your bottom eye-liner line.

Considering the shape and size of your eyes, you want to draw four to seven dots having a gentle eye pen, below your lower lash line. Avoid drawing dots very near the inner corners of your eyes. Yank on the dots lightly together with your eye pencil.

Get thick eyeliner and mascara to match the bottom eyeliner look.

Explore liner looks and learn the basics with video tutorials and tips for gel, liquid and pencil eyeliners: https://www.maybelline.com/eye-makeup/eyeliner


white eyeliner effect
white eyeliner

White Eyeliner could be used to make your eyes brighter and wide. This is one of the most renowned eyes makeup methods. You should hold your lower eyelid down with your finger, and then apply white eyeliner on the waterline, to line the inner rim of the eye shadow. Water lining the eyes white eyeliner makes them look big.

Next, draw out a Tiny interior contour with the whitened eyeliner, to your skin of this interior of both eyes near the nose or split duct region and smudge it with your finger to blend well. This highlighting eye makeup suggestion will brighten the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear larger.

white eyeliner

These methods of eye makeup ideas are some of the best to brighten your eyes and to make you change the way you and others look at you.

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