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How To Be Classy In 7 Simple Steps – Style Of Man

A lot of men asking how to dress classy and get the right style of man? Here are some practical and straightforward tips to improve your style quality.

With Be The Elegant only in seven simple steps will get the work done!
Elegant man with sunglasses
Elegant man with brown sunglasses and shoes and gray pant
Stylish man with gray suit
Stylish man with a gray suit and dark brown scarf

We all wonder how we get dressed when we get up in the morning. And it’s not always so simple that we think we find pleasure, even in the closet full of the universe.

We must find clothes that match the mood of the day and then succeed to grant them stable. And that’s where it goes wrong! We will help you a little, follow the guide!

1 – Play With Colors

Attractive man with red outfit
Attractive man with red color dark blue pant and a light beard
Man with yellow shirt with patterns
Man with a yellow shirt contains patterns, brown belt and gray pant with patterns
young man with spotlighted shirt
A young man with a spotlighted yellow shirt skinny jeans and yellow sneakers

Abuse navy, gray, brown, and beige! These are the primary masculine colors that go with everything! You will thus be able to allow you a smarter piece like red, for example. And one last tip: stop wearing black always.

let’s begin with the most complicated and the most subjective of the precepts to respect! We all agree that dressing exclusively in black, white is not the best. I think we are in agreement when it comes to finding a dress that lacks balance, but it is much more complicated to deal with what we have in our closet.

Even if it is still a matter of taste

There are still some golden rules that can guide you at the beginning, the time to be able to free yourself to fly on your own. As for the choice of colors, we must first refer to the color of your skin and your hair.

Having clear skin and a bright face will often mean avoiding too dark colors that would contrast too much with your face, the eclipse in passing.

black man with a high-quality suit and a lovely shirt
White skin man with a nice suit
Black man with a blue suit and brown bag
Dark and light skin colors with amazing clothes

On the other hand, if you have dark skin and dark hair, too light colors would have the same effect. Then, it is vital to work on colors that can make a balance. Either because they are close (navy blue and light blue), or because they are opposite but can match (navy blue and beige).

For a basic style of man, these compositions are essential, because they make it possible not to finish in monochrome itinerant. It appears only the same color on the whole of our outfit.

What else?

It is also interesting to vary the materials, between leather, jeans, cotton, linen, or jersey. They will support your color choices by adding texture to your outfit.

To conclude, I will talk about color reminders, this little detail that will show who knows how to see the time and the application you have dedicated to your outfit! A brown belt will make it easier to integrate brown shoes to your outfit just like a tie color.

Finally, enjoy yourself, and if the colors you wear are similar to you, you follow these rules, and you go thoroughly, everything will be fine!

2 – Choose Clothes That Fit Your Size!

Suitable outfits for a skinny guy
Clothes that fit the body shape
Suit that fits the body shape

Choose clothes that follow the lines of your body and for pity, do not put those jeans too wide that makes a falling ass.

It seems to be the basis of everything for a simple style of man, and yet it is far from always the case! Many are seen in the streets with pants in the middle of their buttocks, even not on purpose.

Be careful to choose your size and the cut according to your morphology. That’s what a classy man does.

Body Shape is an excellent factor for every classy man!

Too wide, too tight, too big or legs too short, we quickly missed the purchase of pants by inattention, and it’s not great! Especially when we see the price of some badly worn pants! This observation applies, of course, to all the clothes and the pants are no exception. Indeed, being a little wrapped does not help to wear clothes close to the body, but wearing too large will never hide your shape but will tend to do the opposite! It is necessary to find the right fit and especially to be at ease in his clothes, and it is one of the keys to well-being.

Style with black biker leather jacket
Man with Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket that fits the body
Style with black biker leather jacket
Old man with a leather jacket

Regarding the jackets now, and more particularly the suit jackets, it is more than ever relevant to talk about the size! Yes, at one time, long and slightly wide coats could be tolerated, it would be considered a taste fault today!

A jacket must be adjusted while leaving a specific range of motion to the wearer, this flexibility that we all need to not look like a penguin. Then, the length of the jacket itself is crucial and must choose according to the tastes of each.

As for the sleeves, they must reveal the shirt, especially if you wear cufflinks. And it is bad taste to have the wrists and half of the hands covered as can be seen on many poorly made jackets. It is relevant because it avoids the puffy side that can be with a poorly suit. And it’s all these little details that make you have the class or look like a redneck who put his suit of Sunday!

As for the other clothes, we understand that a pair of shoes too big don’t a beautiful look and that tiny cap that would be set on the head, it is not attractive. Finally, it is understood for most people anyway!

3 – Choose Quality Material!

  • Clothes In high material quality
  • Affordable Man's Fashion style brand of quality
  • Affordable Men's Fashion
  • man with a breathable shirt

Reading labels is extremely important when shopping. Avoid acrylic, polyester, and orient yourself towards natural materials like cotton.

Privileging natural materials seems obvious today, but it is not for everyone. Without saying this passes before the aesthetic aspect of the outfit.

I would say it counts almost because it goes there at the same time as our comfort, our well-being, and the durability of the chosen clothes. Some materials are much more comfortable to wear than others, and there is nothing to do between a 100% cotton T-shirt and a half-polyester T-shirt. Cotton will necessarily be softer and more comfortable to wear.

  • Comfortable t-shirt
  • T-shirt with breathable material
  • High-quality outfits for summer and spring

Natural materials

Natural materials are always more breathable than synthetic, and it changes a lot of things, in summer and winter. Already it is much hotter, which is still essential depending on the season. You will need fewer clothes to be well, and you will necessarily be more comfortable besides avoiding the risk of colds of all kinds.

Then the breathable side will allow your sweat not to accumulate in the clothes but to escape naturally through the fabric. It’s still better than wearing T-shirts that let us sweat without letting anything pass! This breathable side finally allows the body to refresh in case of hot weather and that’s great!

Figure out How You Can Be Attractive Man In Summer

Discover other clothing tips for man.

Less risk of feeling the transept in sum! In terms of the durability of the clothes, natural materials such as cotton or jersey are more resistant to wear, the effect of time and odors. Sometimes, when you buy a synthetic t-shirt, the fabric becomes impregnated after a while of the smell of sweat, and we cannot get it back! You can finally wear your favorite clothes to the end without a problem!

To conclude, the artistic side, we see the difference, and it is perhaps the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by changing a few materials of clothing. Remove the eternal jean that fills your closet, which they look almost identical models. Why not opt ​​for some chino jeans with original colors and hyper-resistant material and pretty to wear?

4 – Do Not Try To Be Another! Be Special to be an elegant man

  • Attractive Guy with nice looking
  • Man with a strong personality
  • Confident man with a good look
  • Man with a strong personality
  • Handsome guy with strong character

Your look should match your character and your lifestyle. Do not try to be too chic or to be another style of man that isn’t you; you would not be comfortable.

Choosing clothes that look like us is an essential fashion tip. Even if you don’t necessarily notice, your attitude and your approach change clearly when you put on different outfits.

Try to put on a tuxedo to someone who spends his whole year in a tracksuit, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. His way of wearing, walking with and sitting will make you say whether or not he is used to this kind of outfit.

Besides, by wearing clothes that don’t look like us, that do not stick to our style or our way of being, we give an image of us distorted that comes back to our own eyes.

So it’s better to be yourself and to find the look that best suits your skin, the type of clothing that makes you feel like fresh,

An extension of us that reflects both our personality and our idea of what is elegant.

It is a real therapy for those who want to play well, and it can even help people who do not accept themselves physically,

Helping them to feel attractive, to take themselves and therefore to please others! Trust is the nerve of war in the level of seduction!

5 – Contextualize!

  • Good looking young man
  • Handsome stylish man
  • Very stylish on is own way

You understand that the combo shorts and sneakers are not appropriate for an interview. In the same way, it is also a mistake to do too much. For every occasion, you have to find the right style of man.

Of course, it is indispensable to consider the context when choosing your outfit. Depending on whether you’re going to a casual evening, a drink with friends or a party in the city in the hope of meeting charming girls, you will not dress the same approach. The casual evening requires that one puts oneself at the level of the dress-code of the guests. Difficult to get an idea before setting foot, but the habit makes it easier to realize things.

It’s necessary to be level but not too much to do so.

Wearing a suit inside a party where everyone wears a casual chic look may show that you expect a lot from that event in terms of meetings. Being too elegant or high classy man has never been suitable for business or human contact! On the other hand, not doing enough would return the image of someone else.

There is a kind of style of man who wants to stand out but does not do it the right way.

People around you will unconsciously less crave to come to talk to you, marginalizing you and getting you to feel uncomfortable without really knowing why.

Whether in this context or solely for an aperitif in the city, making the difference means doing things differently. A look is working according to the image you want to send back from you.

Brown shoes, a beige chino and a dark blue jacket could, for example, bring some amusement to your style. A kind of natural elegance that, even when dressing casually, seems innate to you.

6 – Try Out New Outfits And Have Fun!

  • Man enjoying summer clothes
  • Tying new outfits

Men’s fashion must not be a suffering issue. You must instead take matters in hand and have fun!

you will improve your style, and you will enjoy shopping and dressing when you take the matter with joy.

To be comfortable in the outfits the same as everything else, you must know the way to evolve into the style of man with intelligent.

And for that, what better than to try out new outfits, to confront new fashions and go where you never dared to go before? This kind of stylistic exploration is necessary when you start to get tired of your appearance, and that will allow you to break your codes!

For that, no need to go very far! A little tour in a shop to spot some pieces that you could match, that shirt that you never dared to try, that chino too colorful for you.

looking into the wardrobe

Trust me; you might surprise yourself!

Someone who likes to dress properly and who likes to have a choice in his wardrobe can be seen at first glance. That kind of person who will have style even when he’s out in pajamas, who will be well dressed also to get his bread, not because he has crazy clothes, but simply because he takes the time to choose them and grant them. No need to wear Burberry, Chanel or be a fashion victim to have class!

All in the outfit, it is to take pleasure to dress and to choose your own clothes. some becomes addicted to shopping when others would do great while enjoying having clothes that look like them. Whether one goes there reluctantly or for love of the stores, it is necessary to put in it if one wants to have fun when wearing all the beautiful pieces that one has chosen! So be motivated as ever! The road is long, dotted with pitfalls and hidden traps! If you need to support our blog: “Be The Elegant” for men’s fashion section is here to come to your rescue! Be yourself!

7 – Take Care Of Your Body Shape

  • Fitness helps clothing
  • Man with a Sexy body
  • Man do exercises
  • Handsome man with a nice body

Fitness is an important fashion tip to mention for a style of man!

First and foremost rules to follow all year round if you want to change your appearance. Playing sports is one of the best ways to eliminate many disturbing things and to have others. At first, this will allow you to maintain or change your appearance if necessary and according to your lifestyle.

To resemble what one would like to be physically. it is sometimes the first step to become the man that one dreams of becoming on the right plan.

Handsome Young Man With Sexy Fit Body
Handsome Young Man With Sexy Fit Body

For a classy man, it’s essential to get started if you feel it’s part of your future lifestyle. Finally, I would say that playing sports makes you feel more comfortable in your body… and your daily life.

Carving the body, we dream of will allow us in the future to assume more and not to be limited in its movements. Elegance and charisma also go through the gesture and it’s something to remember! If you want to know more, you can follow helpful tips by performing the first steps to the gym. Useful tutorials and good ideas to get started from the expert, easy to follow! Visit the link by clicking here.

If you think that those style of man tips are helpful, please it with other people.


Executive Fashion Style And Beauty Editor, My wife and I have a great passion for fashion style and we love to share authentic informations such as guides, tips, and recommendations about anything relevant to style and beauty and many other stuff.

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