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How To Look Hot With The Boyfriend Jeans Like Kim Kardashian

Looking for a bit of inspiration to wear your trendy jeans and you still hesitate to give in to the sirens of the boyfriend jeans! – OK, Problem solved.

Yet wearing ripped boyfriend jeans without adopting the mustache is possible and With The Proof.

It was believed already dumped but it is no now become one of the favorite fashion industry insiders. you can see that Kim Kardashian becomes more popular since she uses this type of jeans.

@Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Jeans

So we will explain how to choose the timeless BF jeans according to your morphology and what to wear with jeans and how to bring it to perfection. with the secret guide to Boyfriend Jeans for different women’s sizes.

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We save you time with our selection of tips and photos of the most beautiful boyfriend jeans outfits. Who knows, you might find one that will perfectly reflect your personal style.

Boyfriend jeans for women

We agree, wearing BF jeans while remaining “girl” is not the easiest-easy fashion challenge in women’s clothing and styles. Generally, it is a model of jeans that is left rather to the construction dudes and the men of the woods.
Just the name itself should put you in the ear: The boyfriend jeans.

The fashion style collections were inspired by the men’s cloakroom (you know women are nothing but hearty) but fashion is so well done and make it a style for women.

Let’s start with a small definition first:

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

What is Boyfriend jeans

As you know girls, had nothing to wear especially when it comes to trendy jeans. they went to see the neighbor if they could not scratch one or two pieces. That’s how in 2008, they took the boyfriend jeans, also used to be called Boyfit. Jeans with straight and sample cut, so we have two main types of jeans:

Simple bf pants or ripped jeans and there are a lot of popular brands you can check for example boyfriend jeans H&M this one is popular or Hollister Boyfriend jeans and so on…

Since then, it has become one of the essential fashion to have imperatively in the dressing room. A good alternative to slim jeans or flared jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans, For Whom?

Those who believe that BF jeans are reserved for tall and slender girls are sticking their fingers in the eye.
The high rise boyfriend jeans are suitable for all body types of women, precisely. Just choose them and make the right associations.

These fashionable pants are one of those basics that all women should have in their wardrobe. But don’t go too far with an expensive price because they are a lot of amazing cheap boyfriend jeans right there with a huge variety of jean sizes but make sure that you are dressing for your body type. Take it simple.

How To Choose hot Boyfriend Jeans?

“femalefashionadvice” for you

Even limited people will love it. Because the boyfriend jeans make you forget the curves. Here, no jeans for the rounds: all equal to it.
With these trendy jeans, forms are not really forms. And a woman without buttocks, for a guy, it does not make sense.

High waist or small size, ample or maxi ample, you will have the choice to drown yourself in a model of jeans a little loose or, on the contrary, to refine you in a model a little more “fit”.
Bleached, faded, clear, raw, torn, aged or vintage, all that is mostly a story of style. It’s up to you to choose according to your tastes. Be elegant.

Can Small Women Dare BF Jeans?

The major problem of small women when looking for clothes, the body is sometimes drowned.
This does not mean they have to turn their way to BF jeans! Especially who are skinny, there a lot and hot boyfriend jeans for skinny legs available for them. Just choose a strand closer to the body to flatter the silhouette. Play with proportions by opting for a loose but not enveloping top to harmonize the silhouette.

To gain inches and lengthen your legs: roll down and put on shoes with heels.
Wendy’s looks from Wendyslookbook.com and Julie from Sincerelyjules.com proves that even small women can be boyfriend jeans.

small women dare boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans For Small Women Who Have Shapes

There are still a few seasons, the general rule was that the BF jeans are reserved for women tall and filiform because of its wide cut. What?!?!? We shout at the aberration!
The boyfriend jean also suits those that have leg shapes! Simply choose the cut that flatters the most silhouette and ensures a few details.

Boyfriend jeans of small women who have shapes

Additional Boyfriend jean tips:

You are small and you find your legs a bit strong?
Cuff your boyfriend jeans to reveal your ankles and visually lengthen your legs. To gain a few inches, bet on pumps, sandals with heels or wedge sneakers. Not only will you look taller, but your silhouette will look slimmer.

For an optical illusion effect, opt for pumps or nude sandals whose tone will blend with your complexion. Long leg effect assured!
To enhance your figure, slip your shirt, tee-shirt or blouse into your pants. You can even tie a knot in front of your top for a retro effect.
If tucking your top in your jeans do not tempt you too much, be careful not to choose too long, otherwise, it could break the proportions and pack you down.

Here is a video will teach you 7 ways to CUFF YOUR JEANS
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC2hOCsTIa4[/embedyt]

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans Plus Size

You find yourself too round for boyfriend jeans?

Here are some examples for plus size women spotted on Pinterest will prove you can perfectly have shapes, everything is available for you just be stylish!

Boyfriend Jeans Plus Size

The ideal jean’s style for women who have shapes

Looking for jeans that will highlight your legs that you find a bit strong? Stop the quest, the boyfriend pants are perfect for you as it visually refines the legs.
The effect is all the more obvious if you choose it in a dark hue. Like small women, roll down to lengthen your legs even more.

The mistake you shouldn’t commit! Avoid light-colored boyfriend jeans and faded models that are unflattering for your figure. Pants with holes are also to be avoided because, through the cuts, we have a direct view of the legs … thus making them a little bigger than they really are.

How to wear Boyfriend jeans?

In principle, those kinds of jeans are worn in summer.
But the bravest ones will also wear it in winter with a nice pair of thick socks combined with open sandals like Swedish Hasbeens.
Always rolled up at the ankle, whatever the style, the exercise is always the same: either play the card of masculinity thoroughly or feminize its silhouette with fashion accessories ultra-feminine.

If you want to know how should jeans fit your body, I’m providing you with a great guide from this website: lee.com

The boyfriend jeans classic version

The boyfriend jeans classic

If you opt for the classic version, it’s not that hard. A t-shirt, a nice pair of sandals with heels or not and voila.
These loose leg pants are a partner of choice for your simple and trendy looks with best jeans and a marvelous style for women.

How to Wear boyfriend jeans for work?

Who said you could not wear hot boyfriend jeans to go to work?

The boyfriend jeans Work

Two schools: the masculine or the feminine. The men can adopt an androgynous style: a shirt, jeans and a pair of trendy shoes: moccasins or derbies with a nice men’s hairstyle.
In the feminine style, the heels are obligatory so try to wear boyfriend jeans and heels associated with a slightly open shirt, And here is your boyfriend jean has been feminized.

The Boyfriend Jeans in Sportswear version

The boyfriend jeans Sportswear

Who says “Sportswear” says “sneakers”.

One will not go without the other if you want to adopt this style. On the other hand, you can feminize your silhouette and wear the cropped-top with. 100% winning combination.

The rock version

The boyfriend jeans rock

Rock version, the boyfriend jeans are necessarily torn. they are more punk, more destroy. It is worn with leather, a transparent blouse, and trendy boots. considered in concert outfits.
Here is a shopping website that you can use to check the clothes that we have mentioned above: How to wear boyfriend jeans

The BF jeans with a street version

While the heels will lengthen and feminize the silhouette but wearing boyfriend jeans with sneakers or trendy barefoot, it can give a really cool silhouette.

The boyfriend jeans street version

For a casual street style, opt for the sweater or loose sleeveless t-shirt. Do not forget to play with fashion accessories. The accumulation of jewelry.

You can find nice fashion ideas and accessories related to BF jeans from this site: Style Boyfriend Jeans

Extra Tips for you :

– If you have a fine size, prefer a light-colored piece.
– If you have curves, go for a darker one.

– Are you small? Choose a high-rise that will redefine your figure and will also be appropriate, if you want to hide some curves at the buttocks and hips.
– If you are filiform, do not opt for a model too loose so as not to float in it.

Now that you’ve read everything, you know YES, you can wear boyfriend jeans without the mustache – We told you-.

If you think this article is beneficial and useful for others please share it! and receive more women’s clothing ideas for you to be elegant.

Executive Fashion Style And Beauty Editor, My wife and I have a great passion for fashion style and we love to share authentic informations such as guides, tips, and recommendations about anything relevant to style and beauty and many other stuff.

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